Who Found the Ring First?

Of course, everything has a beginning. Human beings want to go as far as possible and reach the first story of everything. ‘’Who found the ring first?’’

For those of you who are curious about the history of this jewellery used by men and women, we go to the past. Here is the answer to that curious question…

Ring accessory is a very diverse jewellery due to its many different shapes and meanings today. Designed in different ways for men and women, where was our accessory in the past?

When we travel in time, we can say that the story of the ring proceeds with the adventure of mines. When we go to prehistoric times, we can see vehicles similar to the ring in the Bronze Age. The rings made in this period were used as a representation of the seal and engagement produced in the form of thick rings without aesthetic concerns. The first ornate workmanship rings were found in civilizations such as Crete and Mycenaean.In ancient Greek, the ring was used as a tool to reveal class differences rather than an accessory.

During the Roman period, wedding rings (allience) were made of iron for the first time.The word ‘allience’ means to agree.The ring that gave the name of one of our fingers was worn on the ring finger by Nefertari, the wife of Ramses II as a wedding ring. It was only at that time that there was a love vein going from our finger to our heart.In the Hellenistic period, precious stones were put on the rings and the wearing of rings on the toes spread from India to other countries. Today, the indispensable jewellery of daily life, the rings adorn our fingers with many model options. Sometimes the solitaire rings that express the marriage proposal, sometimes the promise ring or the trend rings that we complete our elegance.Whatever its meaning, the ring is one of the most special jewellery that has reached today. Don’t separate these jewellery, which testify to history, from your finger.

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