Do we know how to choose the silver rings that you receive with great enthusiasm and excitement or come as a gift from someone special? Here are the tips of choosing rings by fingers to wear our rings with the same enthusiasm for years!

Rings are one of the most used pieces of jewellery and accessory lovers. Natural stone rings, plain rings, silver rings, gold plated rings, pearl rings and much more… Completing your elegance, these most special jewellery are produced from many materials such as silver, gold plated and pearl. Silver rings are undoubtedly the most preferred rings, both in terms of price and the choice of models offered.

Choose models that suit your finger type!

One of the biggest mistakes made when choosing rings is to choose a model regardless of hand and finger structure. Just as we choose our outfit according to our body type, we should make our choices of jewellery and accessories according to our hand and finger construction. For example; if you are not lucky about your finger length and have short fingers; you should stay away from the thick models, instead look at the thin models. At the same time, if you have a thick finger structure, your rings should definitely not be a model that fits your fingers completely, you may have to give up your ring in the event of a small bulge.

Do eye tricks!

To make your fingers look thin and long, you can choose rings designed with longitudinal stones or given geometric motifs. In this way, your fingers will look thinner and longer with small eye tricks.


If you have unwanted stains and scars on your fingers or if you complain about the prominence of your veins, you can turn to models that will hide your flaws.Flashy stones and colorful rings are for you! Thus, attention will focus on the ring, flaws on your finger will not be noticed.

You don't have to do anything fashionable!

Recently, the fashion of wearing two rings on one finger is on the agenda. If you have short fingers, you should run away from this current. Because two rings worn on one finger will make the finger appear shorter than it is.

Let your rings match your clothes!

If you have gemstone and flamboyant rings, you should use them mostly for special occasions. Yes, you love the ring you have and you may want to use it at any time. However, flashy rings that you will combine with special clothes you wear on special occasions will provide a more stylish look. We know that you do not want to wear that beautiful ring with the daily and ordinary clothes.

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