One of the oldest and gorgeous jewellery piece of all times. This beautiful type of jewellery is very traditional jewellery to wear. Brooches are must have in your jewellery collection. So you should not miss out on a stunning jewellery accessory. Adding a brooch to an outfit really can be just what it needs to take it from bland to amazing. Brooches also don’t have to be reserved for formal events, you can literally wear a handmade brooch anywhere at any time, this is thanks in large to the different range of designs you can find. Brooches are also very traditional in public and also in royal family in the UK

The possibilities for the design of brooches are endless – vintage brooches, gemstone brooches, pear brooches, silver brooches are just some of the different options available to you. You are also able to wear brooches in a variety for different ways and you don’t have to just pin them to your shirt. You can use them to clip a scarf together, or on your belt. You can really use your creativity to create a new look. 

Brooches are purely decorative accessories and have been designs so you can attach them anywhere on your body. Brooches are traditionally made of metal and include gemstones or intricate designs. You will also find brooches in a range of designs and shapes like animals, insects, flowers, and other everyday items. 

Add sparkle and shine to your hairstyle by adding in a brooch to your hairstyle. It works well attached to a simple ponytail or you can use it to clip a bun together. Get creative and have some fun with your brooch and your hair style. You can really add some sparkle to a wedding hair do or give your everyday work hair a bit of a pick me up.

You can add a piece of felt to the back of thin fabric to make the brooch stable and prevent it from damaging delicate material. Pins can damage delicate, thin material especially if the brooch is heavy. If it does hang forward it will not look very pretty, so try adding the felt to the back.

Turn it into a pendant and wear with a pretty chain. You might not be able to do this with all brooches, but you could easily turn some of them into a pretty pendant hanging for a lovely chain.

Add a few different designs of brooches together to create a really unique look.  Combine a few smaller brooches together into a funky design on the side of your dress or shirt. 

Take a few small brooches and combine them at your shoulder for a stunning design. Mix and match modern and vintage designs for an even more unique look.

Pin it to your skirt’s waistband. This is a great idea if you are trying to brighten up your dress or skirt. If you have a large, chunky brooch make it the focal point if your skirt. 

Add a brooch to the low back of a stylish black dress. This can be incredibly sexy and a fun way to use a brooch in your outfit. 

You can add the brooch to your neckline, waistline, jacket, hat, belt, or handbag. You can really pin your brooch to anything and everything. This allows you to co-ordinate your outfits really well.

If you are wearing your brooch to work, wear it on the left-hand side. When you shake hands with someone this is where their eye goes naturally. This can be a great way to leave a positive first impression. 

Attach a silver brooch to a scarf to hold the two ends together. If you have a plain scarf, then a funky brooch can be a great way to add a little colour or character. 

Use it to clip the two ends of your cardigan together. Using a brooch to clip your cardigan together can create a unique and fun look. 

Clip a funky brooch onto a beanie. Need to liven up your winter outfit? Add a brooch or two to your beanie. 

When you start growing your collection of brooches, consider the following.

Find a silver brooch that suits your personality. If you like bold designs then look for a big, bright gemstone brooch but if your style is more elegant, opt for a delicate pearl brooch. It is a good idea to have a selection of bigger, chunkier brooches as well as smaller, more delicate brooches. You don’t want your brooches to collect dust in a drawer, you want to wear them so pick wisely.

Match the brooch to your wardrobe. Look at your cupboard, what colors do you commonly wear? Make sure you match your brooches to those colors. If you are looking at colorful brooches you want to find some that will compliment the outfits you have in your wardrobe so that you can easily add them. 

Wear them anywhere. While tradition may dictate that brooches should be worn in a certain way, it does not mean you have to listen. You can add your gemstone brooch anywhere you want to – your bag, your belt, your hair, your shoes – you decide. 

Brooches can often be the focal point of your outfit, so choose them wisely. A large, bright brooch can make all the difference in your outfit. If your outfit is lacking come colour, clip on a brooch or two and it will instantly transform your outfit into something magical. 

Build a collection both new and vintage brooches and mix and match them. While vintage brooches are simple stunning and come with their own unique story, modern brooches can be just as pretty and when you combine the two designs you can create something magical. 

When to wear a brooch

One of the best things about a brooch is that it is so versatile. You will find a brooch for every occasion. 

Everyday Office Wear.For every day office wear you want a sophisticated brooch that is understated but beautiful. You don’t want the brooch to be too big, a small to medium size gemstone or pearl brooch will be perfect. You can even pair it with a matching pair of earrings. Even if your office is conservative you can still have some fun with your brooch and use it to let a little bit of your personality shine through. 

Party.If you are adding a brooch to the outfit you are wearing to a party, you want to find one that will make a big bold statement. Gemstone brooches would be great for this, you want to add lots of sparkle and shine to the party. Don’t be scared to clip on a large, bold brooch. If it is a party celebrating you, then make sure the brooch is big and bold, making you the centre of attention. 

Date.Going on a date? Add a brooch that showcases your personality. If animals are important, consider a medium animal shaped brooch or let your love of vintage jewellery shine through with a vintage brooch. You can keep it small or you can add a bold brooch depending on your personality and the impression you want to make. 

Night out at the club. For this you want to pull out all of the stops and really add as much bling as you can. Big, chunky brooches are perfect to add to your night on the town outfit. Don’t be scared to go big and bold. Add a brooch that increases your confidence and makes you feel amazing. 

Popular Types of Brooches

CameoBrooches. These used to be very popular in the 18thCentury and they have images of carved out from stone or shell. You will still find some pretty vintage cameo brooches. These come in a range of different designs and styles. 

AigretteBrooches. Traditionally these brooches have been set with gemstones and are used in hair up dos. They have their origins many centuries ago and usually feature a floral design studded with different coloured gemstones. They are often bold, beautiful designs.

FurorDressClips. These clips can be separated into two pieces or when attached they form a single pin. The fact that they can do this makes them very versatile. Dress clips allow you to create a symmetrical design when it comes to accessorizing,

AnimalBrooches. Animals have been used in the design of jewellery the world over including brooches. Skilled designers add intricate detail to these brooches, making them seem so realistic. These brooches can be fun and colorful or they can be elegant featuring gemstones.

EnTremblant. Floral designs were used predominantly in the design of these brooches and they were designed to create a shimmer effect in candlelight. These are beautiful, elegant brooches that have been worn by women for centuries. They are predominantly made from silver and feature diamonds.

Where to Find Brooches

Markets:Markets are great places to search for vintage or uniquely handmade brooches. Markets are often made up of artists and designers selling their wares or collectors selling their vintage collection of jewellery, including brooches. You might have to search the markets you visit but it will be worth it as you will find some stunning brooches. You might also find designers who are able to design and make a brooch just for you. 

Jewellery Shops.Some boutique jewellery stores may have a collection of brooches available for you to browse. These are often more modern brooches, but you will still find collections that include silver, gemstone, or pearl brooches. You might even find some sets from jewellery shops that include brooches, matching earrings, and necklaces. 

Online.Browsing platforms like eBay, Amazon or Etsy are great places to find both new and second-hand brooches. By searching these online platforms mean you are able to search brooches available all over the world. Before making a purchase through one of these sites, research the sellers thoroughly Read the reviews, ask the seller a few questions to see if they are responsive. Searching online is also a great place to find vintage brooches because people often sell their jewellery online. If you have time to scour the internet for deals, then this can be a great option.

e&e Jewellery.E&e have one of the most extensive ranges of brooches in UK. Each one of the brooches in the collection from e and we have been handmade with care by skilled designers who make use of only 925 sterling silver. The designs you will find at e and e jewellery, UK are unique, durable, and affordable. E&e have an online store that includes specials and deals, making shopping easy and convenient. Alternatively, you can visit one of their retail stores located in London and browse the collection in person. When you invest in a piece of jewellery from e&e jewellery you can rest assured that you are investing in a quality piece of jewellery. Only the best designers are used to create pieces for their collections, and you will find a range of different designs and styles of brooches. 

If you haven’t considered wearing brooches as accessories, then now is the time to start building a collection. They are stunning prices of jewellery that are so versatile and can be used in a variety of different ways, helping you to create unique designs and really let your personality shine through. 

For one of the best collections in the UK, visit e&e jewellery and browse their brooch collection. It is the perfect place to start building your brooch collection. They also have a large collection of silver jewellery that includes handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and more. All of their silver jewellery has been made from 925 silver to create durable quality pieces of jewellery. Every piece in their collection has been carefully chosen to make sure you have a varied collection to browse through.


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