Anklets are such funky little pieces of jewellery. At e&e our anklet collection is made from a variety of different metals and materials, including silver, gold, beads, and charms. These simple little fashion accessories are making a comeback and if you don’t have them in your jewellery box yet, you need to add a few to your jewellery collection. 

Sterling silver anklets can be used to add something a little extra to your casual outfit, or you can also add a dainty little anklet to your smart pants suit for a sneaky little fashion accessory. You can wear your anklet however you want to, but a sterling silver anklet works well with an outfit that exposes your legs or feet, the anklet will draw attention to your legs in a stylish way. 

Anklet bracelets wrap around your ankle so beautifully, adding a summery style and sophistication to your look. There are no rules when it comes to how to wear your silver anklet. How and where you add them on your ankle depends on your personality, your style, and the outfit you are wearing. While anklets are popular during the warmer months, they can be worn all year round. If you want to grow your anklet collection, check out e&e jewellery UK, we offer both gold and silver anklets for you to browse through. 

If you want to wear an anklet every day to the office, there are more plain beaded anklets would work better for you. Keep your anklets with chimes and bells for those fun, summer days at the beach, attending a festival or when you relax poolside. Anklets allow you to show off your legs when the weather is warmer and help to draw attention to your gorgeous summer look. You can pair an anklet from e&e with the latest trendy footwear for a stunning look that will create a bold statement. 

You can wear an anklet on either leg, also you do not mean you have to wear them only with skirts or shorts, you can carry a friendship anklet bracelet that can be worn for years. Many of e&e customer love to clip their anklets on under a pair of pants or for a casual look, under their jeans. This way when you are walking the anklets remain hidden but when you sit down, they will peek through, drawing the eye to your ankle. Anklets work best with cropped jean pants or a dainty, floral summer dress. They also do add just the right amount class to your bikini when you are on your summer vacation.  Flip-flops and backless loafers also partner really well with silver anklets. Don’t be scared to play around with different looks with your anklets. You can keep it minimal and add just one anklet, this works well with a pair of denims or a cropped pant. Alternatively, you can stack up the anklets for a bolder look that will pair well with shorter skirts or a funky pair of denim shorts. 

The anklets from e&e jewellery in the UK, can be adjusted easily. This means you can wear the anklet hanging loosely around your ankle or you can tighten it so that it fits snuggly around your ankle. If you want to measure the length of anklet you need, wrap a piece of string around your ankle and use a ruler or a tape measure to measure the length. Once you have the length, add a half inch and you will have the perfect size for your ankle. 

If you are looking for an anklet in the UK, browse the selection of anklets from e&e. We have an extensive collection of anklets, perfect for any occasion. They have dainty, plain anklets that hang elegantly around your ankle, creating a minimal look. Their anklet collection also includes pieces with chunkier charms, coins and more that will definitely turn heads as you walk down the promenade or visit the local swimming pool. 

All of the anklets from e&e jewellery are skillfully handcrafted by the most skillful of designers to create good quality pieces of jewellery. Sterling silver is used to make all of the anklets in the collection, they do have the 925 marking to prove that they are made from sterling silver. This means that these are some of the best quality anklets in the UK and if you look after them correctly, they will last you a lifetime. 

Anklets aren’t for everyone, but they can add so much charm to just about any outfit. Sterling silver anklets are a good choice when it comes to anklets because silver is durable and versatile and works well with any color and style of outfit. 

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