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e&e jewellery has its origins in the delightful neighbourhood of Notting Hill in London. Notting Hill is well known as the home of creatives and artists. e&e Jewellery has grown over the years and now includes a large, diverse collection of quality cheap jewellery. The collection includes a combination of  personalized pieces of jewellery, a range of hoops, huggies and studs, a stunning pearl jewellery collection, silver bracelets, rings and so much more. Every piece of jewellery that is available in the e&e collection, has been skillfully handmade by some of the most talented jewellers.  

You will find the 925 sterling silver marking on all of the silver jewellery available in the e&e collection. The 925 marking shows you that the best quality silver is used in the manufacturing of the jewellery. While e&e offers you a range of cheap silver jewellery, it does not compromise on quality, you will  add elegance, class and sophistication to your jewellery box every time you buy a piece of jewellery from e&e Jewellery. 

In this range of sterling silver jewellery you will find a variety of striking rings, pretty earrings, lovely bracelets, and delicate necklaces. The exquisite sterling silver rings and the handmade earrings are also perfect to be given as gifts for her for birthdays, anniversaries or just to show your appreciation for your loved one.  

At e&e you will find a range of silver jewellery under £10. While the silver jewellery available at e&e is  affordable it does not, in any way, compromise on quality. All of the under £10 gifts deals can be found on the online store, making buying new pieces of jewellery so easy and convenient. 

If you take advantage of these deals you will be able to grow your sterling silver jewellery collection in no time. The range of jewellery available for under £10 is extensive, allowing you the opportunity to build up a varied collection that includes earrings, rings, ear cuffs and so many more unique and stunning pieces of jewellery. You will find classical pieces of jewellery and new, funky pieces in this collection, all at a fraction of the price. While these pieces may be cheap, they will still sparkle and shine as much as any other pieces. When sterling silver is used in the creation of jewellery, the result is beautiful, durable pieces available at cheap prices. 

925 Sterling Silver Jewellery

It is important to e&e to make use of sterling silver in all of our pieces of jewellery but not all jewellers feel the same and not all silver is created equally. If you are looking for new pieces to add to your collection, like silver bracelets, silver hoops or silver rings, you want to make sure that you look for pieces that are made from 925 Sterling silver. It is easy to identify pieces made from sterling silver, they will have the 925-mark stamped somewhere on the piece. 

Sterling silver is generally cheaper than gold but despite that many jewellers still make use of cheaper, “fake” silver to make their jewellery. This is why it is important to know what to look out for when you buy a new piece of jewellery, even if the pieces you are buying are cheap you want to know that you are getting what you paid for. E&e take this very seriously and only make use of quality sterling silver to make all of our pieces of jewellery and each piece has the 925 stamp to prove that it is in fact sterling silver.


Handmade Sterling Silver Jewellery

If you have purchased your jewellery from e&e Jewellery you can be assured that it has been made using sterling silver, this is our guarantee to you.  If you have existing pieces of jewellery in your collection and are not sure if the jewellery is sterling silver, try one of the following.

  • Rub the piece of jewellery with a soft white cloth. Find a soft, white cloth and gently rub the piece of jewellery with the cloth. When you have finished rubbing it, check for black marks on the white cloth. If there are marks, then you know that sterling silver has been used. The reason for this  is because silver oxidizes when it is exposed to the air and the results of this are the black marks. 
  • Is it magnetic? You can use normal magnets to help you figure out if your jewellery is really silver. When you place a magnet next to your piece of jewellery, is it attracted? If it is then the jewellery is not  real sterling silver. 
  • Conduct the Nitric Test. You will need to get the permission of the jeweller to perform this test but if you are investing in an expensive piece of jewellery it is worth it. In order to perform this test, you will need a few drops of nitric acid. When you drop a few drops onto the jewellery if it turns green then it is an indication that the piece has not been made from sterling silver. The nitric acid will have no effect on sterling silver, so the jewellery will not change at all. 
  • Does it have a strong odor? Often silver is mixed with copper, copper has a strong odor and if your piece of jewellery has been made from a silver combined with copper, it will have a strong smell. A piece made from sterling silver will not smell at all.  
  • Can you see a 925 marking. When a piece of jewellery is made from sterling silver you will find one of the following somewhere on the piece: the 925 marking or the words “Ster” or “Sterling”.  It might be small and may not be visible at first glance but if it is made from sterling silver, it will be there. 

Handmade jewellery can be such beautiful and meaningful pieces of jewellery to have in your silver jewellery box. Handmade silver jewellery that is made from sterling silver creates some of the most versatile and durable pieces of jewellery. The versatility of these pieces means that you can wear them with a wide range of outfits. At e&e we have a range of intricate pieces of handmade jewellery that come in a variety of different designs, colors, and styles, many of them are available for under £10. This means that you will find the perfect piece of handmade jewellery that will work for both your personality and outfit. 

If you are looking for handmade silver jewellery, e&e jewellery in London is the perfect place to look. e&e Jewellery has retail outlets that can be found all over London where you can view their collection of sterling silver jewellery. You can also find their range of silver jewellery online, including their deals that are under £10. If you are looking for cheap handmade silver jewellery in UK, then look no further than e&e, their designer silver jewellery has something for everyone. 

Sterling Silver Earrings for under £10

Earrings are such wonderful little fashion accessories that should be in every single collection of jewellery. If you work with your hands during the day, adding rings and bracelets can be difficult because they get in the way and can become uncomfortable quickly. This does not mean that you can accessorize with jewellery, it just means you need to use silver earrings to add some character and charm to your outfit. This is when our earrings that are under £10 come in because you can quickly and easily grow a collection of different earrings allowing you the freedom to add different earrings every day. The collection of women’s earrings available at e&e is extensive and includes a range of simple silver earrings and more ornate intricate handmade earrings. Every pair of earrings in the e&e jewellery collection have been handmade from 925 sterling silver by talented designers who pay such attention to detail when creating each pair of earrings that they make. The best part of buying earrings from e&e is not only that they are handmade but also that they are so affordable. 

Sterling Silver Stud earrings

Stud earrings are one of the most common types of earrings and when you think of earrings you might think of studs first. 

Everyone has at least one pair of studs in their collection of jewellery, one of the reasons for this is because you can wear studs with any outfit to any event. Adding a pair of diamond studs to your little a black dress, is the perfect accessory while a plain pair of circle studs can be worn every day.

The studs in our collection come in a wide variety of different styles and designs, all available at affordable prices. The most popular example of stud earrings is the classic diamond earrings, the best part is that these studs also come in a variety of colors. Our designers also have some fun with the different designs they make, and you will find funky designs, like little animals, hearts, or stars in our collection. 

Studs are the full stop that your outfit needs!

Stud earrings are so versatile.

  • You can wear them to work. Studs are the perfect accessories to wear to work. You have the freedom to play around with different styles and designs until you find the pair that works for your environment, personality, and style. Studs can be kept simple for those more conservative environments or if your job requires you to be active. Alternatively, you can bring in little pops of color in your studs. 
  • Use them to show off your femininity. Sometimes an outfit needs something to make it a little more feminine and pretty. A delicate pair of studs are just what you need. 
  • They may be small, but they are still bold. For those days you need to make a bold but understated statement, adding a pair of sterling silver studs will bring just the right amount of heat. 
  • Don’t forget about making it fun. Because they come in so many designs you can really have so much fun with your studs. You can add little animal shaped studs or asymmetrical studs, or studs paired with ear cuffs for a layered look. If you have more than one piercing, you can add studs to all of them for a stunning and unique look. The possibilities are endless when it comes to studs. 
  • Use them to add sparkle and shine. Some days you just need to add some sparkle to your look and a pair of studs can be just that accessory. Studs that have a little sparkle and shine allow you to easily and quickly transition from daytime casual wear to night time glamour. 
  • Stack and stack some more. Stacking your earrings with ear cuffs and different styles of earrings really is such a great way to create a glamorous look. You can play around with different types of metal, different sizes of earrings and different designs. Ear cuffs are so great when it comes to stacking because you don’t need additional piercings so can add as many as you want to to your ear lobe. 
  • Don’t forget about the simple pearl. E&e have a beautiful collection of pear earrings that will enhance your collection of earrings and bring an air of grace and elegance to your look – whether that is a formal suit or an informal outfit you wear over the weekends.
  • Less is more. There has been a rapid growth in minimalistic jewellery over recent years with less definitely being more. Studs allow you to create s stunning minimal look using simple, plain, delicate stud earrings that add just a hint of elegance and charm.

Whatever type of silver jewellery you are looking for in the UK, you can be assured you will find it at e&e Jewellery in both our online store and one of our retail outlets in London.

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