Gold Plated Necklaces

We offer eye-catching gold-plated necklaces, with each piece being hand-crafted from the finest material. Gold-plated necklaces will add some colour to your collection and can be paired with necklaces made from other materials like rose-gold or silver. Adding charms, pendants or beads to your gold chain allows you to personalise your necklace to your own unique style. A gold-plated necklace is just as beautiful as a gold necklace, it is just a little more affordable, making it easier to add gold-plated pieces to your collection.

Gold necklaces can be expensive, not to mention are a soft metal meaning they are easily damaged as opposed to stronger more durable metals such as silver. When searching for women's gold necklaces, consider a hand made gold-plated necklace with a personalised charm or a customised pendant. You can get gold-plated necklaces in a variety of different lengths and thicknesses, allowing you to layer multiple gold chains at different lengths to create an elegant, trendy look that you can wear anywhere, any time.

Pearls are beautiful little gemstones to use in the making of any piece of jewellery. Pearl necklaces are stunning, elegant pieces and when set against gold-plated jewellery, the pearls shine a little brighter. Pearls really are highly versatile and should be incorporated in everybody's jewellery collection.

At e&e our gold chains are gold-plated making them inexpensive when comparing them to pure gold jewellery. When creating our gold necklaces, our expert craftsmen apply a light coating of gold on to the outside of the chain giving it the appearance of a gold necklace. The gold layer is applied over a base metal such as copper or silver, this gives the now gold necklace extra strength and durability to handle the abuse of everyday wear more so than solid gold.

Gold-plated necklaces shine just as brightly as pure gold necklaces especially when they are well looked after. If you are wondering how you can take care of your gold-plated jewellery so that it doesn’t wear or tarnish, we have some pointers to help you get the most of your gold-plated necklace. To keep the shine and lustre of your gold-plated necklace, you can buff the item with a soft microfibre cloth. However, be careful to do this gently otherwise you could risk the gold plate flaking off. Also, after applying lotion, perfume and other chemicals, be sure to wait a while before putting on your gold-plated jewellery to avoid it tarnishing more easily.

Why not get up close and personal with our stunning women's gold necklaces in one of our retail stores based in London or for added convenience you can explore our gold necklaces on our website and have your favourite items delivered straight to your home. You will also find some special deals on our website that you can take full advantage of, making the pearl jewellery even more affordable.

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