Initial Stud Earrings

Look no further than e&e London for the most extensive collection of personalised stud earrings. Our collection of initial studs has all been made from sterling silver creating beautiful, perfect little personalised stud earrings. Our stud earrings at e&e are some of the best selling jewellery we have, silver initial stud earrings specifically are one of the top sellers. To top off the experience we package all of our silver earrings and other jewellery in personalised little pouches. E&e London make the shopping experience so convenient and smooth. You can visit our online store, or you can shop one of our retail stores in London. 

Silver initial stud earrings are those classic pieces of jewellery that should be in every collection of jewellery. Stud earrings are so versatile because they come in a range of so many different styles and designs – from smaller studs to larger more detailed studs like these initial stud earrings. They have been designed and moulded by only the most skilled of designers who have spent time painstakingly creating flawless jewellery. We make use of fair-trade silver that has been ethically sourced and is nickel free. Because we only use sterling silver, the jewellery is also hypoallergenic, perfect for anyone to wear, even those with the most sensitive skin. 

Silver is a pretty durable metal that is versatile and can be worn with pretty much any type of outfit. These little initial studs, when clipped to the side of your face, frame it perfectly to create a subtle but funky look. You can wear them everyday to work and they will never go out of style. If you are heading out for a fun night with friends or lunch with the family, you can pop these earrings on and they will, without a doubt, change your outfit and allow you to feel confident and beautiful. 

At e&e UK, we absolutely love stud earrings, and our collection of stud earrings is impressive and extensive, ensuring you will find the perfect pair of earrings. You can browse our initial earrings in our retail stores or with comfort and convenience from our online store, making it convenient for you to build up your collection of silver jewellery from one of London’s most reputable jewellery store. Initial studs are simply little earrings, but they can make a big, bold statement. When it comes to initial earrings you can wear whatever initial you want – you can play around with your initials, your partners or just some random initials for a little bit of fun. Pop the studs onto your ears and they will make a stunning statement and help you to create an exquisite look. It is not surprising that these earrings are the best-selling earrings from e&e London. 

Initial studs are not the only jewellery that you will find at e&e London. We have an extensive collection of sterling silver jewellery that includes beautiful, elegant necklaces that will hang so delicately around your neck. You will also find initial necklaces in our collection, allowing you to create a set with your initial studs. The collection also includes rings, beautiful sterling silver rings in a range of different designs and styles, again, including initial rings. Stud earrings aren’t the only type of earrings that e&e have in their collection of jewellery, you will find stunning dangly earrings to include large hoops that will create a really bold look as well as smaller more delicate hoops. Every piece of jewellery has been handmade from sterling silver and is available at an affordable price.  

The jewellery from e&e London is made from sterling silver and this means that it is hypoallergenic which means that even if you have the most sensitive skin you will be able to wear all of the jewellery that e&e London have in their collection.

Personalising jewellery can make for such a great gift idea.  You are able to create your own collection of personalised jewellery that has meaning only for you or you can give it to someone who is important in your life as a special, meaningful gift. It is no wonder that our silver initial studs are also our top sellers. These pieces are so popular and fashionable that everyone wants to be seen wearing a pair of initial earrings – these studs are absolutely selfie worthy. 

At e&e we pride ourselves on creating a collection of the best quality jewellery and at the same time giving our clients a superior experience. This is why every piece of jewellery you buy from e&e comes presented in a personalised pouch. If you are giving our jewellery as a gift to someone special, wrapping it won’t be necessary because you already have the little pouch holding it and keeping it safe. Browse the collection online or in one of our stores in London.


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