Turkish jewellery has a history dating back at least 6 centuries. Turkish jewellery is unique and is made in Turkey by Turkey Jewellery Masters who make use of classic methods of jewellery design. The jewellery from Turkey is bright and bold, making use of stones like ruby’s, emeralds, and sapphires. The designs are intricate and ornate and are bright red, green or blue used as the centre point of all the pieces. If you are looking for an understand, delicate look then Turkish jewellery is not for you.

Both men and women wear Turkish jewellery with women’s pieces featuring emeralds, ruby and sapphires while men’s pieces use agate, turquoise and Tiger’s Eye. The variety of jewellery available for women is more extensive, with an earring, necklaces, bracelets and more available while men will mainly find rings.

A lot of Turkish jewellery is made with meaning attached to it. For example, Tasbeeh is male jewellery made with 33 or 99 beads. The stones used in jewellery pieces are said to each hold different symbolic meanings that bring positivity and good wishes into your life.

One of the most popular types of Turkish jewellery in the UK is evil eye jewellery.

Evil eye jewellery goes back as far as Ancient Roman times and it has meaning in many religions across the world. Not only does it have meaning for many cultures, it has become a popular choice of jewellery for many people, including celebrities.

You might have heard the saying “He gave me the evil eye”, it is so much more than just something people say. It was believed that when someone gave you a look filled with malice and jealousy, they were cursing you by passing this negativity and ill-will into your life. One of the ways to protect yourself from this negativity is to wear evil eye jewellery.

Evil eye jewellery comes in the form of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. The design of the evil eye can vary from the shape of an actual eye to simple round representation of the eye. Blue stones are used in the design of the eye, usually as the focal point but other color stones can also be used. The reason that blue is used is because it considered to be the color of truth, good karma and positivity providing you protection against the evil eye.

Many people believe that if you wear the jewellery where you can see it, it is a constant reminder to think positively and focus on good thoughts and positive things which is why many people wear the evil eye on a bracelet or a necklace where they can reach up and touch it regularly.

People started wearing the evil eye to protect them from the evil glances of people who may want to curse you and bring bad luck into your life. The idea is that the evil eye offers you protection by reflecting the glance of the person giving it back to them, keeping it away from you. This is why the evil eye must be displayed on your body in some way. If it is hidden away in your bag, then it cannot protect you. So, when it is worn, it is worn prominently so that it offers you protection at all times from anyone who is going to potentially give you evil glances.

These pieces of Turkish jewellery can be found all across the UK from jewellery stores to local markets. The pieces vary quite drastically so you will find a style that suits you. There are more ornate, statement type pieces as well as smaller more delicate pieces.

Some Evil Eye Jewellery

Hang this stunning evil eye necklaces around your neck and you will always be protected from those evil glares. It is a delicate piece that can be worn easily with most outfits.

evil eye necklace

When you wear this evil eye ring, nothing but positivity and good wishes will come your way. It is a bolder piece that not everyone will be able to pull off but when you do wear it you will feel only positive vibes.

Evil eye ring

Rings adorning your finger are great to keep the negative glares away. This stunning ring with its bright blue stones in the middle make for such a pretty piece of jewellery.

Evil eye bracelet

If you are looking for a more delicate bracelet to wear on a daily basis for protection, then this is a great option. 

Evil eye earrings

These sterling silver evil eye earrings are stunning additions to your evil eye jewellery, and you can wear them in addition to a necklaces or bracelet for a little extra protection. The pop of blue in the middle lets the world know loud and clear that you are protected.