The blue eye often used in jewellery is not just a pretty symbol someone designed. It is an ancient symbol that is loaded with meaning and symbolism in many religions. Evil eye jewellery is extremely popular in UK and all around the world nowadays. While it is a symbol used mainly in jewellery it can be used anywhere you need protection.

There are different theories on where the Evil Eye has its origins, some believe it dates back to the beginning of civilization while others believe it first had meaning in Ancient Greece. The Evil Eye has meaning and significance across all religions including Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

Each of these religions has their own unique meaning for the Evil Eye, there is a common thread that runs through them all. That is the belief that the evil eye brings with its bad luck. When the evil eye is cast, it curses the person and brings bad luck and misfortune to their lives. It might even inflict an injury onto the person. The evil eye is cast through an evil glare that is given out an envious or malicious person, who wishes harm. These looks are often accompanied by feelings of jealousy and envy but can be associated with a number of negative emotions.

There are 3 different types of evil eyes, the unconscious evil eye, the eye that intends harm and the unseen, hidden eye, which is the scariest eye of them all, because it is hidden.

The evil eye is the most common superstitions symbol used in jewellery and fashion across the world. Evil eye jewellery is getting more popular everyday. Even though it may have different meanings for different people, it is a universal symbol that has a common meaning that is understood worldwide.

Evil eye jewellery

Protection from the Evil Eye

It is impossible to stop people glancing evil looks your way, but you can protect yourself from the negativity of the evil eye in a variety of different ways. An easy way to protect yourself is wear the evil eye in the form of jewellery. By wearing the evil eye, you protect yourself from the evil looks that come your way. It is believed that the evil eye, when worn in jewellery, reflects the negative feelings back to the person giving them. IN doing so you are protected from the jealousy or malice.

It is also believed that the evil eye brings with its good luck and positivity. So, when you wear it you are not only protected but will also receive good fortune.

You can wear the evil eye symbol is a variety way - as a necklace, a ring, earrings, or a bracelet. Many believe that being able to see the symbol regularly through the day brings more good luck, which is why many wears it as a bracelet on their arm, so they can see and touch it regularly.

The colors of the evil eye and there meaning

The evil eye is most commonly made using blue stones, this is believed to be because in many cultures, deep blue is associated with the Greek seas. Blue is not the only color used in evil eye jewellery, there are a few other colors that have become popular for use in evil eye jewellery. A few of the most popular colors are;

  • Dark blue symbolizes karma, relaxation, and an open flow of communication.
  • Light blue it is said, to offer general protection, solitude, and peace.
  • Orange brings happiness and increased creativity.
  • Red offers you courage, energy, and protection from fears.
  • Dark green will bring balance and freedom to your life.   

 The most popular choice of color is blue but any of these colors can be used in the design of your evil eye jewellery and they will offer you the same protection.