Hoop earringsare one of those pieces that everyone should have in their collection. Hoops are one of those classic pieces of jewellery that can change the look of an outfit in seconds. They are also one of the oldest accessories.

Hoop earrings have their origins in ancient Africa with kings and queens wearing them to signify their power. The first hoop earrings made an appearance around 2500 BCE in Nubia, now known as the Sudan. Hoops were originally made from gold, silver and bronze and the style varied as their popularity spread.

Hoop earrings were worn by both men and women in Egypt to enhance their beauty and show their power. The Ancient Romans and Greeks also wore hoop earrings, but it was traditionally the women who sported the accessories.

Over the years the style and design of the hoop earrings changed and evolved from heavier pieces to light, more delicate gold hoops. By the 1960’s the hoop earring was back in fashion. Women everywhere were seen wearing hoops and this continued to today, where the hoop earring is now considered a classic, must-have piece.

hoop earrings

What are hoop earrings

Hoop earrings are big circles that start at the front of the ear and circle all the way to the back of the earring. They range in size from large circles to smaller ones that sit closer to the earlobe. The thickness of the hoop can also vary with the larger hoops being thinner while the smaller hoops tend to be a little thicker. Hoops can also come in arrange of styles that include gemstones or even little charms hanging from them. The possibilities really are endless.

How to wear hoop earrings

The days of the hoop staying in your jewellery box until nighttime are over. Hoop earrings can now be worn anytime, anywhere, including to you the office. The trick is knowing which hoop to wear when.

Hoops, even the smaller ones, draw attention to your face and allow you to add character to your look. So, when you are pairing your hoops with your outfit, consider the occasion. Smaller hoops are safer options for everyday wear in a professional environment. They draw attention to your face and make a quiet, understated statement. You will still feel confident when wearing them but not overdressed or out of place.

Medium to large hoops make a much louder statement so wear them when you want to be the center of attention. Whether that is out on a date, to lunch with friends or even a work presentation. Larger hoops can be distracting and are not always comfortable to wear, so think about the practicalities of the event as well.

For a fun look consider stacking your hoops. Wearing a hoop inside another hoop can add a whole new feel to your look. Play around with the different sizes and see what is going to look best with your outfit.

The shape of face plays a role

While everyone should own a pair of hoop earrings, everyone should own a pair of hoop earrings that suits their face.

If you have a rounder face, choose smaller, thinner hoops as well as more angular shapes, like triangles or squares.

Those with oval shaped faces should also stick to the smaller but thicker style of hoop to contrast the length of the face.

A square shaped face work best with oversized hoop earrings. Bigger hoops that change below the jawline are the best choice as they soften the angles of your face.

Heart shaped faces, can get away with any length of hoop but should opt for thicker styles/

For those with a diamond shaped face, shorter hoop earrings will look the best.

While it is important to keep in mind the shape of your face, don’t ignore your personality. If bigger hoops suit your personality, wear them, and wear them with confidence and they will look absolutely amazing. There aren’t really rules to wearing hoops, you can play around until you find a look that works for you.

Some of our favorite hoop earrings from www.eandejewellery.com

  • Simple sterling silver hoops. These are classic everyday hoops that you can wear to the office or out with friends. We love their versatility.
  • For a little pop of color, these gold-plated hoop earrings are perfect. The stones are subtle but so pretty.
  • These merged round gold pated hoops are also great as an everyday piece but work well when worn in the evening.
  • Twisted hoops in silver or gold are classic hoops that have been in fashion for many years simply because they wear so well and can go with anything.
  • For something more ornate, these pearl hoop earrings are simple perfection. They are elegant and make the perfect accessory for any outfit.