Are you looking for the best gifts for her to buy for that special person in your life? We have a list with some great ideas for you to consider.


Buying flowers is always a good idea. You can give them as a gift for her on their own or as part of a bigger gift for her. However, you buy them, they are always a good idea. It can, however, be tricky trying to figure out what flowers to buy for the special person in your life. There are so many different types of flowers, many with an attached meaning. You definitely don’t want to buy flowers for the love of your life that are traditionally associated with funerals.

What flowers should you buy for her?

Pink roses.While we all associate love with the beautiful red rose, save these Valentines Day and instead buy your special someone a bunch of pretty pink roses. According to research these are actually better received that the red rose.

Carnations.Red is traditionally the color of love, so a bunch of beautiful red carnations will definitely say “I love you” loud and clear. Weddings are considered the best flowers to buy as a first wedding anniversary gift for her.

Gerbera Daisies. The happy looking flowers are said to be the worlds most popular flower and when given to someone special they represent both desire and love. They come in a range of colors and what better way to who your appreciation than with a colorful bunch of gerbera daisies.

Lilies.Lilies are absolutely stunning flowers and they are the 30th-anniversary flower. There are few things as breathtaking as a big bunch of lilies.

Tulips. Red tulips mean “perfect love” so give these when you are serious about your relationship. These are such simple flowers but tied together with a ribbon, these flowers will definitely let her know how you feel.


Perfumes can be quite personal things to buy for someone. If she is someone who likes to collect perfumes then it does make it easier to buy a new scent for her but if not, then it can become quite challenging.

  • Focus on what she likes.Buying perfume for your partner does require some planning beforehand. Pay attention to the types of fragrance she prefers. Does she like floral scents or does she prefer something spicier? Does she wear the perfume every day or does she add it only when going out to more formal events? This is important to do so you know what types of fragrances to buy.
  • Their personality is important. Different fragrances are associated with different personalities. Some perfumes work well with outgoing personalities while those who are more introverted and sensitive need to focus on a certain fragrance.
  • Sometimes simple is better. Perfumes are such personal things that sometimes, when you are buying for your partner, it is better to stick to the more classic fragrances. Avoid going for something to different to what she normally wears.

gifts for her

Silver earrings from

Jewellery is always a good idea when it comes to buying gift for her. You don’t have to buy pieces with large, ornate stones or designs. Something simple like a pair of earrings can make for a stunning gift for her.

Earrings come in a range of designs so before you just order the first pretty set you see, find out what she likes to wear. It is also important to find earrings that she will like and wear rather than earrings that you like but aren’t really her style.

-Does she wear long, drop sliver earrings?

-Or is does she prefer simple stud earrings?

-Every day earrings are simple earrings that she can wear easily with her everyday outfits. 

-Hoops are safe options because they are one of the classic pieces of jewellery that everyone should have in their jewellery box. If you aren’t sure what to get, buy some sterling silver hoop earrings.


Buying make for your girlfriend makeup can be risky because it is so personal and there is so much you have to consider. It is still a great gift for her if you have a makeup loving girlfriend.

Buying make up is going to require quite a bit of research and some snooping on your part, especially if you have a limited knowledge when it comes to make up.

Before investing in makeup find out the following:

  • What colors does she often wear? Go through her make up bag and see what the most used shades are, stick to buying those.
  • If you do not have access to her makeup collection, ask for input from her mom, sister, or best friend.
  • Brands are important. Make up lovers have brands they favor and will often buy, lookout for those and when you are putting your gift for her together, stick to those brands.