What does your jewellery mean? Evil eye jewellery, hand jewellery and many more

Hand Jewellery and evil eye jewellery is one of the most popular kinds of jewellery in UK for ages. Jewellery is not a modern-day invention. It is something that date backs to ancient times and can been adorning people in Egyptian hieroglyphics. The meaning attached to jewellery is not only aesthetic, many pieces have religious or deeper meanings. You may think the sparkling piece you see in the jewellery shop window is just a pretty piece of jewellery, but when you look deeper it is possible that it has a deeper meaning.

Some of the symbols used in jewellery are pretty common while others are a little less well known but they all have their origins in history and cultures and religions have been wearing all of the symbols in their jewellery and other pieces of décor for many many years.

Before you buy a piece of jewellery, find out the meaning (if any) that is attached to it. You may be surprised with what some simple symbols, like the common horseshoe actually mean. You will also discover the right way to wear the symbol in your jewellery.

These are five common styles of jewellery that all have a deeper meaning attached to them.

evil eye stud earrings

Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a symbol that has meaning across all religions. The evil eye is supposed to protect you from people giving you the “evil eye” and casting negativity onto your life.

It has its origins in the Middle East but today it is a symbol found in all religions including Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Hinduism. When you wear the evil eye, it casts the bad vibes back to the person who is giving it to you, protecting you from the bad luck or negativity.

Generally, the evil eye charm makes use of the color blue and can be used in the design such as evil eye rings, evil eye earrings, evil eye necklaces and evil eye bracelets. 

Some popular Evil Eye Jewellery

These beautiful Evil Eye stud earrings are simple stunning. Add them and block all of those evil stares. The Evil Eye doesn’t have to be eye-shaped, the pendant hanging from this necklace is stunning and a great way to add luck and good fortune to your life. Alternatively, for something a little more subtle, add this ear cuff.

Hamsa Hand

You might have noticed hands used in a jewellery. This is ow as the hamsa and is popular in North Africa and similar to the Evil Eye it offers the wearer protection. Some religions believe it can also offer protection from the evil eye. While others wear the Hamsa hand to bring luck and good fortune into their life.

Some popular Hamsa hand Jewellery

Hand rings, Hand Neckalce, Hand Bracelet, Hand ear cuff and so on. The Hamsa hand can be worn on many kind of jewellery, like this beautiful sterling silver hand bracelet. To make sure you cover all your bases add the hamsa ear cuff to look out at anyone giving you the evil eye. A necklace with a hamsa hand pendant hanging from a sterling silver chain also makes for a pretty piece of jewellery if the Hamsa hand is important to you.

The Celtic Knot

This symbol is used often in a variety of jewellery pieces. It is also used in architecture, statues, and logos. These knots don’t seem to have an end or a beginning, making them seem endless and so the meaning attached to them is often that if infinity. Like the previous two symbols they are also used to protect from ill health and disaster.

When given as a gift the knot brings with it the wish of a long life for the person receiving the piece of jewellery.

The Horseshoe

The horseshoe has long since been associated with good luck, in fact it dates back to ancient times. The design of the horseshoe is said to protect and keep the good luck inside the shoe. Horses are also associated with luck, so it makes sense that the horseshoe symbolizes good luck. This charm is often used in jewellery and fashion items.

Some popular Horseshoe Jewellery

Horseshoes can be used in rings, earrings, and necklaces. Alternatively, it can be worn as a charm on a bracelet like this stunning piece of jewellery. If you want to give a gift with meaning to a friend, give them good luck with a piece like this.


The word Il malocchio is an Italian word for the evil eye but the symbol differs from the previously mentioned evil eye. They make use of two symbols to protect them from the “evil eye”. The first one is a horn and this specific symbol featured prominently in jewellery for Italian males. The other symbol is a hand that faces downwards with the pinkie and pointer finger sticking outwards. Again, this symbol is mainly used by men to protect them from the evil eye that can affect their fertility.