Natural pearls in you pearl earrings are a product of nature, so that is why they are quite rare. They are produced less often because of many environmental factors such as pollution and excess of fishing. You can also purchase cultured pearls, which are also natural pearls but human-assisted. Natural and man-made-pearls are made from an irritating chemical from which mollusks protect themselves by secreting several layers of nacre. Nacre is an organic matter made from aragonite and Conchiolin. Fake pearls that are used for decoration purposes are not made of nacre. These are usually made of plastic or glass or sometimes by shell beads embedded in the ground and covered by fish scales and a coat of lacquer. Pearl earrings are very famous due to their uniqueness.

You should remember the following things while buying a pearl or pearls:

Pearl Jewellery

Natural pearls are quite rare and astonishingly expensive, so you will be looking at some kinds of cultured-pearls for sure

Make yourself familiar with different kinds of cultured pearls such as freshwater pearls, Black Tahitian pearls, saltwater South Sea and Akoya pearls.

Make considering nacre the priority

Natural saltwater and cultured freshwater pearls have solid nacres, whereas the human-assisted cultured pearls have a nucleus that is being surrounded by several layers of nacre. The number and thickness of the layers of nacre determine the quality of the pearl. These layers of nacre enhance the softness, texture, and the value of the pearl. e&e chooses mostly fresh water pearls for pearl earrings collection.

Look for the color

There is a vast range of colors of pearls in our pearl earrings collection at e&e. You should focus on the main color of the pearl’s body and its overtones. Such as a white pearl with the implication of rose, which shows the striking of light with the surface of the pearl. You can also purchase pearls dyed with different colors, but the natural colors are the best ones to choose from.

Grading based on smoothness

Flawless pearls are graded as the best. If there are small marks on a pearl, they will not decrease the value of pearls as much as cracks can decrease.

Most demanded shapes of pearls

Pear earrings and necklaces should be made of the same shapes and sizes of pearls. Pearls look so beautiful in every shape, but round and spherical shapes are the most desirable shapes.

The more the diameter, the more it will be expensive

As the size of the pearl increases, their prices also increase dramatically.

Grading of pearls on two parameters

There is no standardized grading system for the grading of your gems. Jewelers usually use two grading systems, which are AAA-A and the A-D systems. You can also ask from the jeweler to read the details of the grading system in which he or she has referred you so you may have some knowledge of the terms being used.

(On Mohr’s scale determines the resistance of pearls against scratching). Do extra care of your pearls because they are generally soft and porous

When you wear pearl earrings or bracelets, they get destroyed more easily than Pearl earrings and necklaces.

Make sure to get an authenticity certificate with the purchase of pearls

In case you ever need to claim insurance, you must have the certificate that contains the sensitive details about the quality of your pearl and description of your jewelry.

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