Ear cuffs are such a great way to accessories your ears without having to add any piercings to your ears. Even if you don’t have the standard piercing you can still add ear cuffs to your ears.

These little accessories have been seen on women in Ancient times. They range in style form simple cuffs to more ornate styles that wrap completely around the ear to create statement pieces for a bolder and more adventurous look.

There are so many ways to wear ear cuffs, but we take a look at a few of the more popular was to wear them.

The Full Ear Cuffis perfect for those days you want to be the talk of the town. They are daring pieces that can cover your entire ear. They are the exclamation point to a causal jean outfit or an evening gown! These ear cuffs are often adorned with gems and diamonds to make them really shine brightly. If you want to wear a full ear cuff, pull your hair back on one side, clip it on and turn heads when you go out.

Ear jacketsare more subtle. If you want something a little more suited to everyday wear, add an ear jacket. These pieces will still add to your look and you can also play around and add a few cuffs with the ear jacket.

Helix ear cuffsdo not need a piercing in order to be work and look similar to the back-clip earrings. You can really have fun with these cuffs, adding as few or as many as you like.

Mix and match. The best part about ear cuffs is that you can add many cuffs together for a really fun and exciting look.

Ear crawlersare just what it sounds like, they are pieces that crawl up the length of your ear to create a beautiful look.

Add sparkle. If you want to add some sparkle to your outfit but don’t want to wear it around your neck, add it on your ear with some crystal studded ear cuffs. The more stones the better.

Chains add a different dimension. You can add some chains to connect cuffs and add some character and definition to your look. You can add a single chain or a double chain, whatever works for you and your style is acceptable.

Fringe ear cuffsadd so much style and elegance. Fringed ear cuffs work best with evening wear, but you can play around and add them to any outfit you want to really.

Build up your everyday collection. Ear cuffs are great as everyday pieces. You will find some plain, ear cuffs that are ideal for everyday wear.

You don’t need a matching pair. One of the best parts of ear cuffs is that you don’t have to wear them as a matching pair. You can wear one bold piece on one ear and simpler design on the other, or nothing at all if you prefer.

Cuffs from e and e jewellery

Sterling Silver Compass Ear cuffs

The design of this sterling silver ear cuff has been handcrafted to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you to wear on your ear.

Line Ear cuff

This sterling silver ear cuff with cubic zirconia’s is a great piece to wear asymmetrically. You can add a simple stuff on your other ear or even leave it bear.

Hamsa Hand Ear cuff

Add a little positivity and good luck to your everyday wear with this sterling silver Hamsa Hand design.

Rainbow Crystals Ear cuff

This is stunning if you want to add some color to your look! The little colored stones hand perfectly from the sterling silver cuff.

Comet Ear cuff

Another fun design that adds a little bit of fun to your look. This cuff is made from 925 sterling silver.

Evil Eye Ear cuff

Protect yourself from bad vibes and evil looks with this evil eye ear cuff made from sterling silver. For added protection, add one on each side.

Five Zirconia Ear cuff

Strike a pose for the perfect selfie with this sterling silver ear cuff. The five zirconia’s add a little glamour and sparkle to your look. This is great if paired with a black dress or another evening gown.

X Ear cuff

A simple design but so effective as an ear cuff. You can add a few other ear cuffs when wearing this one for something different. This is also a great everyday piece that that you aware with your work wear easily.

Five Pear Ear cuff

Yes, pearls look good in ear cuffs to and add will a little class and elegance to your look. This is a gold-plated cuff with 5 tiny little freshwater pearls added on the top. This is a versatile cuff that can be worn with any outfit.