Staying on top woth all the latest fashion trends is what the UK is all about. People in the UK are own of the most up to dated and trendy in terms of the fashion they follow. You will hardly find any British person who is not well dressed with top notch accessories. So it is important to make sure that while following the fashion trends in terms of clothing, the fashion jewellery trends are kept in mind as well. Scroll through the list to make sure that you don’t miss out on the druzy earrings or the long silver earrings for your party wears or stud earrings for your formal wear or the friendship bracelets to keep your best buddies happy.

10 Fashion jewellery trends in UK to follow

1. Pick up the pearls:

Pearls will make you swirl like nothing does. Pearl jewellery is a choice that have aged like a fine wine. They get better and better with every latest fashion trend. Be it the pearl earrings, pearl necklaces, pearl rings or pearl jewelry in general, they are never out of trend. Make sure that you have access to freshwater pearls since the brighter and shinier they are, the more pretty they will look. Make them a part of the hoop earrings or make stud earrings out of them. It’s all up to you.

2. The antique medallion necklace:

If you want to enjoy the seldom cool sunny summers in London with a flowery top and jeans, you might a small accessory to compliment your look. Antique medallion necklace will make sure that you look flawless in every manner. Start adding layers to it to make it look more graceful. One of the top trends of fashion jewellery this season, this necklace will definitely draw a lot of attention.

3. Chunky rings:

The chunking rings either gold plated or made of sterling silver are the best way to make sure that your hands look graceful without being overloaded with accessories. These rings are the right way to follow the trend that less is more. They will add a touch of grace and class without overshadowing your dress.

4. Flower and fruit earrings:

One of the most colorful and vibrant trend that came in 2020 in the UK is the flower and fruits earrings. Not only a great accessory to compliment your summer clothing, it is a great way to add colors to any monotonous appearance. Grab flower earrings or fruit earrings and make sure that they complement the colors of your dress in the best manner.

5. Drop earrings:

If you don’t own a gold plated long drop earrings yet, you are lagging behind the rest of the UK in terms of the jewellery trends in a major way. With bolder designs and sizes, the zirconia earrings and gold plated earrings have made a great comeback into fashion world. The designs are complimented with stones and intricate details to make sure that they are unique and compliment your casual and formal attires equally.

6. Statement necklaces:

When it comes to fashion jewellery, many of us prefer to by something for our loves ones to keep them as a memory. So every piece of jewellery that a person owns has a story behind it. Statement necklaces such as the evil eye necklaces, leaf necklace and many others always carry a history for the ones who wear them. Gold plaetd turkish eye necklace is classic example of gold plated jewellery that is not only much cheaper as compared to other options available in the market but also saves from allergies as well.

7. Silver Hoop earrings:

If you like to keep it simple and chic, silver hoop earrings or in the form of the dangle hoop earrings and drop hoop earrings are the best way to do that. With minimal styling, you can still look trendy as per the lasts fashion jewellery trends in UK.

8. Evil eye jewellery:

People like to wear this type of sterling silver evil eye jewellery not because they are superstitious or anything, but it has been a latest trend in the UK. The evil eye earrings evil bracelets and evil eye necklaces are some of the hot picks from the jewellery trends.

9. Stud earrings:

If you like to wear earrings that are lot less in weight and a less hassle as well. The stud earrings form the sterling silver stud earrings collection or gold plated stud earrings are the choice.

10. Turkish Jewellery

The latest addition to the jewellery trends is the intricate, classic, loaded with gems and stones, Turkish jewellery. They are a trend to follow due to the class and the finesse that each piece of the Turkish jewellery offers.

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