The most important concept in this challenging period is stress management. We overcome our stress by focusing our silver jewellery collection. During COVID-19, we wanted to give you a few little tips to help you manage stress.

As you know, COVID-19, coronavirus, has taken over the world.With today's history, the number of people who lost their lives due to coronavirus has been around 80 thousand.Unfortunately, this is the reason why this process has spread so much. People during the coronavirus pandemic, we will have different recommendations for stress management as we mentioned we love our business and we only focus on silver jewellery during this time to get over our stress. Here it is all in this article.As a first precaution, we have to spread this important detail to our entire environment.We should not go out except in emergencies (such as hospital, market shopping). When we go out, we should put at least 1 meter between us and everyone around us. We should also pay attention to our use of masks and gloves. Apart from all this, we also have a psychological health that we need to protect.

This article is just for this.

Take a little break to follow the news!

Tracking excessive news and constantly evolving agenda can upset our spirits. To do this, set aside television, social media or newspapers and magazines. Allow a maximum of 1 hour a day to be informed about the agenda. But then get yourself a hobby.Do you already have a hobby? Great!In the Coronavirus process, acquiring a new hobby or improving your existing hobby can create great opportunities for you in the future. For instance go to Pinterest and check out last silver jewellery trends. 

Take good care of your body in COVID-19 period!

Doing sports! Have you ever done it before? get. Try.It will never hurt from trying. We now have internet and social media in our lives. It is in our hands to start every sport we want, to look healthy to our body. Do you know what is the most beautiful thing?

We have the luxury to do all this in the comfort of our own home.

Apart from sports, don't forget to do breathing exercises. Breathing deeply and correctly will relax your mind and allow you to focus on something other than coronavirus. At this stage, you will stay healthy and feel safe. Because when our body is comfortable, it is comfortable in our minds.We should pay attention to a healthy and balanced diet.We should be careful to stay away from the packaged products as much as possible and to eat light meals that we make at home regularly. After all, we will always have our own dishes that we know best about cleanliness.

Make time to think for yourself!

You may be working from home now, if not earlier, due to the coronavirus pandemic. In this case, never disrupt your working hours. Neither start too late nor finish your job too late.The reason we especially recommend doing your job in certain hours is because you have time for yourself.Just because you are always home because of coronavirus does not mean you are taking your time.You have to create time to think for yourself, do your favorite job or simply relax. 


Perhaps this is the most important item. We are never alone, even if we are closed to homes because of coronavirus.
In order not to feel like this, we must keep in touch with our loved ones, family, and friends.
In addition to not feeling alone, this network will empower us all. Share as much as you can as we love sharing our thoughts here with silver jewellery lovers. 

After the coronavirus pandemic, the number of our video calls especially exceeded.Speak as video as possible. It will make you feel good to see the sound and image at the same time and the face of the people you love.You will realize that you support each other in a short time.The situation we are in can be extremely overwhelming. But to coping with stress; it will strengthen you, your loved ones and everyone you communicate with.

Just believe in yourself and deal with stress!