In this article, you will find the things that you are are curious about the natural stones and their properties according to the names, meanings, benefits and zodiac signs of natural stones! Although today's use of stones is mostly in the jewellery world, it is used and carried by many people in all areas of life because it is believed that it is good for many mental and physical problems. It has been proven that natural stones are formed on the earth in a long time period and scientifically attract positive energy vibration to the person.

Natural stone jewellery and names of stones:

When we list the first things that come to mind when it comes to natural stones and the most used ones in the jewellery world; onyx, agate, amber, amethyst, mother-of-pearl, emerald, turquoise, quartz, pearl ruby and aquamarine stones. We will explain the meaning of these stones for you respectively.

Natural stone jewellery and its meanings:

Onyx stone is a protective stone, and it protects the person from the psychological events and traumas experienced in the past and ensures that the person protects his mental health. It helps to throw negative thoughts that will occur in the mind. When the benefits of onyx stone are examined, it is also determined that it balances the relationship between men and women. It is known to provide compatibility between married couples. It helps to get rid of addiction. So; It saves you from addiction that you want to get rid of all kinds of cigarettes, alcohol and similar. It has been determined that onyx stone improves the auto control ability of the person.Amethyst, which means not getting drunk in mythology, gives energy, happiness, peace and vitality. Much is written about the benefit of amethyst stone, but since it is an energetic stone on the bearers, it has a refreshing effect on most people. It is a crystal that you can carry on with you all the time. The energy it emits always benefits you and protects it from negativity. The most well-known benefit of amber stone is that it is a complete pain reliever. While Amber stone is good for low back and back aches and knee pain, it is also a source of healing for people with mental illness. It protects mental health, gives vitality and energy to the body. Eliminates negative energy in the environment, gives a feeling of relaxation.

Natural stones according to the zodiac and their features:

Strategic Research Specialist Dr. Ahmet Maranki explained that the secret of health and happiness is in the stones. We list the features and stones of the horoscopes we collected from Ahmet Maranki's work on natural stones and their properties.

Aries bush Healing stone jewellery: diamond, blood stone, fire opal, amethyst, hematite.Taurus Healing stone jewellery: emerald, blue sapphire, blue and green agate, malachite

Gemini sign Healing stone jewellery: mossy agate, pearl, garnet, aquamarine, citrine, yellow amber

Cancer Healing stone jewellery: moonstone, topaz, ruby, pearl, citrine

Lion sign Healing stone jewellery: ruby, yellow sapphire, diamond, aventurine, tourmaline

Virgo sign Healing stone jewellery: jade, lemon quartz, jasper, blue sapphire

Libra sign Healing stone jewellery: opal, quartz, mountain crystal, malachite, sapphire, turquoise

Scorpio sign Healing stone jewellery: topaz, hematite, tiger, obsidian, garnet, magnetite

Sagittarius healing stone jewellery: ruby, turquoise, lapis lazuli, obsidian, amethyst

Capricorn Healing stone jewellery: garnet, onyx, agate, malachite, smoky quartz, olt, jasper

Aquarius zodiac Healing stone jewellery: blue sapphire, moonstone, amethyst, jade, aquamarine

Pisces Healing stone jewellery: coral, turquoise, aquamarine, amethyst, star (sand), emerald.

How to clean natural stone jewellery?

These stones need to be cleaned over time as the stones absorb negative energy. This cleaning can be done with soil or water. You can choose one of these two cleaning methods according to the structure of the stone jewellery you have. Soaking it in soil or water for 1 day will allow you to use the energy on the stone as it was on the first day.

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