Silver is a valuable mineral that has been used in many areas in daily life for centuries. The most common use today is jewellery and ornaments. In terms of silver purchasing power, it appeals to all segments of the society compared to other precious metals, and the brightness and elegance of silver items make the goods produced from this precious metal a preference. We all have used or bought silver jewellery and gifts, so what do we have to consider when buying silver and how do you know how to understand real silver?

The most important thing to consider when buying silver jewellery is the setting that must be on the silver item, while alloys (copper, aloy and the like) are mixed into it in order to facilitate its usage and processing while processing it for a very soft mineral groove like other pure minerals. The mixed substances determine the setting of the silver. In our country, silverware is produced in 800, 900 and 925 settings.

These settings are determined as follows;

800 sterling silver: 800 grams of 1 kilogram of silver means pure silver and 200 grams means alloy.

900 sterling silver: 900 grams of 1 kilogram of silver means pure silver and 100 grams means alloy.

925 sterling silver: 925 grams of 1 kilogram of silver means pure silver and 75 grams of alloy.

In real silver, the setting must be strictly specified by the manufacturer. However, the setting on the wrong known does not prove that this item is real silver.Another misconception is that the silver producers and the people who sell it frequently encounter the question, 'It's not going to go black right?' It is the question. Blackening is inherent in silver, we should keep it away from humid environments and avoid contact with water in order to delay the blackening of silver.Another issue that we need to pay attention to when buying silver is its price. Factors affecting the price of the product; setting, craftsmanship and gram, the first factor affecting is the care and diligence in crafting will increase the value of your silver product.

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