Are you a fan of maximalist fashion? Then combining various types of jewellery will always make you cheer up the most. Most people in today’s age like to keep the minimalism in their lives and styles. But there are man who don’t agree with the fact that less is more. According to them, the more it is the better it is. In case if you are wondering this is all about, we were talking about the combination of elegant silver rings with  sterling silver ringsgold rings in rose gold, white gold or yellow gold. Not only will these combination bring more verity to your choices but will also add a lot more colors to your overall appearance. If you still don’t understand what this is all about, scroll through the res to understand how combination of elegant silver rings with other metals will allow you to find a different sort of style sense.

Combination done right:

Start a by choosing the clothing.

In case of the rings, the clothing matter as much as it matters in case of wearing combination necklaces in silver and gold. Since the rings add a lot of texture to your overall look, your sterling silver rings will be a great combination with a couple of antique gold rings in a white tee shirt tucked in with your super comfortable and elegant boyfriend jeans.

Keep it minimal while coloring

Your gold plated rings and your sterling silver rings might go well in any casual and formal wear. All you need to do is to choose the right pieces to combine. You can even combine silver earrings or silver rings with sterling silver jewellery as well to give a bit of texture to the look. Opting for gold is quite a bold move to be done.

Stacking up gold and silver

Stacking up one of the metal on any category of these accessory might make your look boring. Rather than having all the jewellery bring sterling silver, stack up the rings with rose gold, silver and yellow or white gold. Not only his will bring volume to your rings but will bring a lot more color and versatility as well which is the key to the overall look. But don’t add too much since it might get overboard. Be careful in choosing the right pieces.

If you’re a pearl jewellery owner, you might go without any combination since there is nothing classier than pearl earrings or pearl studs or pearl rings which will go alone very pretty. Adding sterling silver rings might be a good idea to make sure that they provide the required volume to the overall look.

Focus on one area

If you’re looking to mix up the elegant silver rings with gold or rose gild, don’t try to complicate your overall look. It is not suggested to go with this choice of mixing up the entire look with various combination and focus on only one area. If it is the earrings, try combinations of silver and gold in the earrings only. If it is rings, try sterling silver rings and gold rings and this combination will brighten up your look. Focusing in one area will bring more positivity to your overall look rather than complicating it.

Gems and stones

Sterling silver rings with pearls and sterling silver opal rings will be a great combination. More and more gems and less versatility in the metals will be a great idea as well to combine. You don’t need gold and silver when you can have an all silver look with gems of all sort. Try combining opal rings and pearl rings as well as the Turkish jewellery with rings loaded with embellishments. You will never get disappointed of these combinations at all.

Stacking of the silver

If you have silver rings of various shapes and gems added to them, it is a great idea to stack them together using glue and make a big ring out of them. It will not only be creative but a great style icon to set as well. With silver, you don’t have to combine or add gold since only silver with gems and design will do the work for you.

Combining the metals and styles of rings will not only widen your style arena but will also allow you to explore various combinations of rings. They might not be a trend but they will become an icon and symbol as a part of your style sense. If you have a bunch of silver rings lying around, stick them up and you have a stocked ring to add to your collection. It will not only be great addition, it will be a great extension to add to a white tee shirt and ripped jean outlook. Such ideas are a great way to save you for a rainy day and make you look great if you are running rate.