Magical World of Evil Eye Necklaces

Have you heard of the saying “he gave me the evil eye”? The meaning of this statement has its roots many centuries ago, but the symbolism is still very strong today. Every culture that believes in the evil eye has its own unique interpretation of what the evil eye means and how to protect yourself from it.

For centuries women have been wearing evil eye jewellery, like evil eye necklaces, as a way to protect themselves from the negativity associated with the evil eye.

What is the evil eye?

Some research places the origins of the evil eye in the Paleolithic age and it can be seen in all religions including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism. All of these religions believe that the evil eye is a curse that is directed towards a person, usually by giving them “the evil eye”. The curse will bring bad luck, negativity, and malice into your life and often the person receiving the glare does not even know that they have been “cursed”.

It is further believed that there are 3 different types of evil eyes. The first evil eye is the unconscious eye, this is an unintended glance and adds harm unintentionally. The second type of evil eye intends to bring negativity and malice. The final type of evil eye is the most dangerous, it is the unseen eye. When a person looks at someone or something positive with thoughts of jealousy or malice, that is when they bring the evil eye to the person they are looking at.

How to protect against the evil eye

It is believed that wearing the evil eye or displaying it around your home will help to protect you from its glances. If you are wearing an evil eye necklace, it looks out into the world and if someone does give you the evil eye it reflects that negativity back to the person giving the look. Women and men have been wearing evil eye jewellery for many years to protect them from any evil glances that may be directed towards them.

Evil eye jewellery can be in the form of e&e Jewellery have the biggest collection of evil eyes jewellery in the UK. The collection of evil eye necklaces is extensive and makes use of a range of different styles and designs to create beautiful pieces of jewellery. Each necklace is made from 925 sterling silver and uses colored stones to create the iconic evil eye.

Sterling silver sun evil eye necklace

This evil eye pendant hangs elegantly from a sterling silver chain. The pendant has been designed to mimic the sun, with beams radiating from the evil eye in the center. The eye can be found in the center of the pendant and it makes use of sparkling stones and various shades of blue stones. This is a bolder evil eye necklace and can be worn as a statement piece to protect you.

Teardrop Evil Eye Necklace

Not every pendant has to make use of the classic eye shape. This teardrop style evil eye shows how various styles can be used to create beautiful evil eye jewellery. The eye in the center is surrounded by bright, bold blue stones to create an eye, that when worn around your neck will not only look amazing but will also keep you safe and protected.

Sterling Silver Evil Eye Necklace

A delicate sterling silver chain is used in the design of this necklace. The small evil eye charms hang elegantly along the chain, to give you a fun evil eye necklace that you can wear easily as an everyday piece. Each little circular pendant is made from blue and clear stones to create the impression of an eye. Five pendants are added and when you wear them, no evil glances will be able to get to you.

Evil Eye Necklace

This silver necklace makes use of a classical design and the pendant is shaped like an eye. Blue stones, in a variety of shades are used in the design of the eye to make sure that you are further protected from all the evil and malice of the evil eye. This evil eye pendant hangs elegantly around your neck and will make a bold statement when you wear it.