Evil Eye Necklaces

Wearing an evil eye necklace is a great way to product yourself, or someone you love, from evil eye glances. An evil eye pendant comes in a range of designs, but the basic design is always in the shape of an eye with blue stones being used as the focal point, thanks to the powerful impact of the colour blue. A handmade evil eye pendant looks stunning hanging from a sterling silver necklace. The size of the chain you chose depends on the size of your pendant, both can range from small, dainty pieces, to larger, statement type pieces. Both will work to protect you from negativity and malicious thoughts.

The hamsa hand can also be used in the same way as the evil eye and the hamsa hand does often include an evil eye in the middle of the palm of the hand. A hamsa hand necklace can be worn together with your evil eye necklace, both offer you protection and bring positivity into your life. Pendants that are made from sterling silver are ideal as they are long lasting and won’t chip or scratch, meaning you can wear your evil eye necklaces every day.