Rose gold jewellery is feminine and adds just the slightest touch of color to your jewellery collection. It is also a slightly more affordable option to gold jewellery, but the effects are just as beautiful. Rose gold has been trending in jewellery for many years and seems set to stay as a popular choice for years to come.

The color of rose gold is what makes it so stunning, but it is due to the color that it can be so tricky to know how to wear it. Adding rose gold to your collection is a great way to add some elegance, class, and style.

Rose Gold Bracelets

How do you wear rose gold jewellery?

Metal Mix and Match

Most people assume if you are wearing silver/gold jewellery you can only wear pieces of jewellery in that same metal. This is a traditional approach and while there is nothing wrong with wearing only one kind of meal, mixing and matching can be so much fun. The best part about rose gold jewellery is that it works well with both silver and gold, softening them and adding a feminine feel. Don’t be afraid to add some rose gold pieces with your gold or silver pieces.

Add some stones

Rose gold is such a versatile color that it can be paired with any gemstone. Pink gemstones work well when set in rose gold, but turquoise gemstones work just as well. For something very bold, add black gemstones to your rose gold piece, it will create the most incredible statement piece.

Layer your necklaces

Layering necklaces always creates a stunning effect. When you layer your rose gold necklaces you will add both style and elegance to your look. Pair delicate necklaces with necklaces that have big bold pendants on. opt for a V-neck shirt to complete the look and you will have created a stunning modern look ready for the office or a dinner date.

Rose gold bracelets

If you enjoy wearing bracelets but need a simple everyday piece that you can wear with any outfit, add a rose gold bracelet to your collection. Rose gold cuffs are stunning options to wear regularly because they are delicate and simple enough to work well with any outfit. They come in different widths so you can change them up depending on the event you are attending. Bracelets are also great to wear with your summer wardrobe when you are suntanning on the beach. They look absolutely stunning on bronzed skin.

Wear it with neutral shades

Not sure what outfit to pair with your rose gold jewellery? Neutral or nudes’ shades are always your best option. White, cream and navy all work so well when worn with rose gold jewellery. A pretty navy-blue dress paired with some drop rose gold earrings or stacked rings, will look so beautiful.

Stack your earrings

Earrings are great accessories if you want to keep your hands free from too much jewellery. You can create decorate your ears with a collection of rose gold earrings and ear cuffs for a stunning look. Rose gold is so elegant that you don’t have to really worry about adding to many pieces, it will still look elegant and stylish. Add in some longer earrings missed with shorter drop earrings to add dimension and character. If you are heading out to a more formal event, keep your neckline open or off the shoulder so that the earrings become the focus of the outfit.

Accessorize with a belly chain

For something, a little different add a few rose gold belly chains to your crop topped outfit. Whether you re heading to the beach or just chilling with friends, belly chains are a fun addition to your outfit. Rose gold belly chains are delicate and work well with a monochrome bathing suit.

Add a rose gold ankle bracelet

Another perfect option for summertime jewellery. Rose gold ankle bracelets with little charms will complete your summer beach outfit. You can add in some sparkly stones for something a little extra.

Beads and rose gold jewellery

If you are looking for a piece of rose gold jewellery that has a little more color in, then you need to invest in some rose gold beaded bracelets. Pair rose gold with bold navy beads and big charms to add some color and diversity to your look. Wear a few different styles of bracelet together to create a lovely layered look.

Don’t forget the rings

Rose gold rings are just simply perfection. They add elegance and sparkle to your hands and often are just want your outfit needs to complete it. You will find plain bands that you can wear as stacked rings, or you will find some amazing statement rose gold rings that will add gl