Silver Bracelets

Sterling silver is possibly the most durable metal, making silver a popular choice of metal when it comes to bracelets. Bracelets, out of all the pieces of jewellery, suffer from the most wear and tear on your arm, which is why sterling silver bracelets work the best. Silver jewellery is an affordable option when it comes to jewellery, allowing you to invest in a range of pieces to grow your collection. Bracelets do not have to be plain or boring, they can be designed in a variety of ways that include the addition of coloured stones, diamonds, pearls charms and much more.

Our handmade bracelets are handcrafted using 925 sterling silver by only the best jewellers who turn the silver into magical silver bracelets. Our collection of silver bracelets includes the evil eye bracelet, which carries a lot of meaning for many people across the world. The evil eye charm has been handmade using sterling silver and blue coloured stones for a pop of colour. When you wear an evil eye bracelet on your arm you will attract only positivity and good luck into your life.