Ear cuffs are one of our favorite accessories at e&e jewellery. We love these little pieces of jewellery. Even though they are small, they make a big difference in your look. Ear cuffs are not to be confused with ear wraps. They are two different accessories that attach slightly differently.

Ear cuffs are small curved bands of metal that clip to the side of the cartilage of your ear. Many ear cuffs are designed to fit the upper helix of the ear, but you can find ones that are designed to fit halfway down the ear around the helix which is where the cartilage is firm.

Ear wraps on the other hand attach behind the ear by a wire. You slip your ear between the space between the wire and the decorative ear wrap on the front of the ear.

Ear cuffs and ear wraps do have one thing in common though, they do not require piercings. This means you can wear them easily even if you do not have conventional piercings in your ears. Due to this, ear cuffs come in a range of elaborate designs that could not be worn as earrings.

How to put your ear cuffs on

Once you get the hang of it, it is super easy to put your ear cuffs on. Stand in front a mirror while holding the ear cuff parallel to the ear you want to put it on. Slip the ear cuff onto your ear at the thinnest part and then slide it down until you find the perfect spot. The ear cuff should not feel tight or uncomfortable but should fit your ear comfortably and not slip off easily.

Ear Cuffs

Ways to wear ear cuffs

  • As a statement piece. Ear cuffs in a range of different designs and styles. If you are looking to make a statement you will find large, ornate ear cuffs that will cover your entire ear. These large chunky pieces will definitely turn heads.
  • Keep it simple. Smaller ear jackets will make a more subtle statement. These ear cuffs are plain but have different stones used as embellishments. Even though these pieces are understated they will still make a statement when you wear them.
  • Helix ear cuffs don’t need piercings, but they look similar to back clip earrings. You are able to stack these earrings up your ear for a busier look or you can keep it simple and add only one plain ear cuff.
  • Mix and match. Add different styles and designs of ear cuffs to your ears to personalize your look and let your personality shine through. The best thing about ear cuffs is that you don’t need piercings you can add as many ear cuffs as you want to without the need for painful piercings in your ear.
  • Add sparkle. Ear cuffs embellished with crystals bring just the right amount of sparkle to your outfit, especially if your outfit needs a little something to bring it to light. Crystals can be worn with both your casual outfit and your fancy night on the town outfit. You will find smaller ear cuffs making uses of smaller stones and larger more orate pieces with large stones.
  • Chains are great. If you are looking for a trendy catwalk look, then add a double chain. Chains come in a range of styles, so you can pick a look that works for you.
  • Asymmetrical looks are perfect. Asymmetrical ear cuffs add some drama to your look. You can add a dramatic, statement ear cuff on your one ear and something more subtle and understated on the other ear.

Some of our favourite ear cuffs at e&e jewellery.

Ear cuffs come in a range of styles and metals. Our range of ear cuffs is handmade from good quality sterling silver.

This x ear cuff is perfect for everyday wear. It sits perfectly on your ear and while it is pretty plain, it is will still bring a little character to your look. Made from sterling silver it will last you a lifetime.

X Ear cuff in Sterling Silver

If shine is what you want, then the sterling silver compass ear cuff will add just the right amount. The fun design can be worn on its own or as part of a stack of ear cuffs.

Compass Star Ear cuff in Sterling Silver

Pearls are elegant and added to any piece of jewellery they bring with them their own sense of sophistication. Five freshwater pearls have been added to this sterling silver ear cuff to create a stunning accessory you can wear to the office or for a night out. 

Five Pearl Ear cuff in Sterling Silver

Sometimes your outfit just needs a little bit of color. The rainbow crystals of this ear cuff will bring all the color your need. It will look stunning on its own or you can add it with a plain ear cuff. 

Rainbow Crystals Ear cuff in Sterling Silver