Silver earrings UK

The trends in jewellery are ever changing, some pieces like hoop and stud earrings will always remain in fashion but each era and each season sees new and exciting trends come to the fore. If fashion trends are important to you, you want to stay on top of these trends and make sure you have the latest silver earrings in your collection. Earrings may seem like insignificant accessories but the difference they make to your outfit is unbelievable. Add a pair of diamond stud earrings to your outfit and you will give the outfit new life.

e&e Jewelers are based in London and offer the best selection of silver earrings in the UK. You can browse their collection through their online store or in one of their retail stores.

When you are looking for the perfect pair of silver earrings, consider the following.

The beauty is in the simplicity.

We have seen shoppers making a big move towards simpler silver earrings that allow them to express their personality and style in a simple yet effective way. People are placing more and more value on originality and sharing their own unique story. It is becoming important to people that they feel connected to the pieces of jewellery that they are buying. Each piece is purchased because the buyer feels like it holds meaning for them.

These silver earrings from e&e Jewellery are beautiful, simple silver earrings. 

You can never have too many hoops.

Hoop earrings have been in fashion for centuries, some seasons see them feature more prominently than others, but they are always in the latest trends. Hoops of all shapes and sizes can be seen hanging from the ears of women the world over. Big, bold, circular hoops are all the range on the Instagram feeds of influencers while smaller, thicker hoops can be seen on the ears of women wearing power suits.

You can never have too many hoops, but if you don’t have any yet, add these classic earrings first.

Add color

Color in jewellery is becoming increasingly popular. We are seeing colored stones being used more and more in earrings. These stones vary in size and style but each one adds just the right amount of color. This trend extends to silver earrings available in the e&e collection.

Pear Earrings

Say yes to pearls.

You can never go wrong with pearls. The delicate white stone adds elegance and sophistication to your look and pear earrings can be worn with just about any outfit. Whether you add simple pearl studs or more ornate pearl earrings, you need a few pairs of pearl earrings in your collection.

Add some abstract jewellery

There is no clear definition of abstract jewellery, but these pieces are trending at the moment and the perfect way to bring a little bit of your personality to your look. Abstract silver earrings can be found in the stalls of markets and trendy boutiques. There are no rules to these earrings which gives designers the freedom to create unique pieces.

Link them all together

Connect your sterling silver ear cuffs to your earrings with funky chains or use the chains to connect piercings. It doesn’t matter how you do it, the goal is to create a look that links the pieces together. Don’t be scared to add chunkier silver earrings together for a really bold look.

Make it your own.

When looking for jewellery, consider getting a few personalized pieces. This was pretty popular in the 90s but has made a recent comeback. This includes wearing earrings with your own initials or the initials of those you are special to you. You can also have names engraved onto earrings or find your favorite logos in the form of earrings. You can use these customized pieces to showcase your personality.

Gems are in!

Gemstones and silver are a match made in heaven. Whether it is sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds, when set against silver, these gems really come into their own to create stunning earrings. Gems are beautiful and add a dash of color to your look. Very often they are just what an outfit needs to take it from boring to exciting.

Don’t forget the drops.

Drop earrings frame your face in a unique way and you can play around the different designs and styles available. The current trend is to include gemstones into the drops to make colorful, fun earrings. Drop earrings are very popular with celebrities and fashionistas.

Diamonds are always a good idea.

Every collection of earrings must have at least one pair of diamond studs. Diamond earrings create classical pieces that are timeless and can be worn with any outfit. Invest in a simple pair of diamond earrings and you will always have something to add to your ears.