Gold jewellery is beautiful and comes with a real sense of class. It also comes with a rather hefty price tag. If you are a fan of gold jewellery but want a more affordable option, consider gold plated rings and other jewellery. Gold-plated jewellery offers you a more affordable collection of jewellery but still gives you the same look as gold.

Gold plated jewellery looks and feels like gold but it much kinder on your pocket, allowing you to but all your favorite pieces of jewellery.

What is Gold-Plated Jewellery.

Gold plated pieces of jewellery have been made from a metal or alloy, like silver and the pieces are then dipped in gold to cover them with a thin layer. The jewellery is dipped in the gold or gold-colored alloy until it has been covered completely in gold. The layers of gold can vary in thickness, depending on the design of the piece of jewellery.

The gold that is used to cover gold-plated jewellery is real gold, it could be anywhere from 10k to 24k gold, making the pieces real jewellery. While the outer layer of gold-plated rings is made from real gold, the main part of the ring is not made from gold. At e&e jewelleryour rings are made from sterling silver and then dipped in 18k gold to create stunning gold-plated pieces of jewellery.

New Gold-Plated Rings from e&e Jewellery

Adjustable Evil Eye Jewellery

Evil eye jewellery is symbolic and this stunning ring highlights the eye perfectly. The gold-plated ring holds the design of the eye perfectly and when set against the gold color, the blue stones shine a little brighter. This ring can be easily adjusted so you can change up how and where you wear it.

Adjustable Evil Eye Gold Plated Ring

Aventurine Stone Gold-Plated Ring

The green stone used in this ring is often called the “stone of opportunity”. Green aventurine is considered to be a lucky stone and when set against this gold-plated ring it creates a beautiful piece of jewellery. Wear this ring to make a bold statement and attract new opportunities.

Aventurine Stone Gold Plated Ring

Tibetan Turquoise Gold-Plated Rings

This is a stunning Bohemian ring that allows for the flow of energy and adds serenity to your life. It is also an adjustable ring so you can add it to any finger or use it as part of a stack of rings. The 18ct gold plated setting rounds off the design and look of the ring beautifully.

Tibetan Turquoise Stone Gold Plated Ring

Why Gold Plated Jewellery? 

It is affordable. Gold plated rings, regardless of the design are more affordable than gold jewellery. This means you can add as many rings to your collection as you want to because they are more affordable.

The difference, at first glance, is not noticeable. When you look at gold-plated piece of jewellery it looks very much like “real” gold. At a glance it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between a gold-plated ring and a gold ring. You can wear your gold-plated ring comfortable in the knowledge that it looks as good as gold jewellery.

Keep up with the trends easily. Gold-plated jewellery is cheaper, this means that you will be able to buy trendy pieces of jewellery without worrying that you have spent a lot of money on a piece that may go out of fashion.

Gold-plated jewellery is durable. Making jewellery from gold can be difficult because it is a soft metal. Jewellery that has been gold-plated is not made from gold, most pieces are made from sterling silver and the dipped in gold. The advantage of this is that these gold-plated rings are more durable and will last longer.

Wear them every day. Gold-plated jewellery is durable and affordable, making them perfect as everyday pieces of jewellery. Gold-plated rings can be worn comfortably with your work outfits or more formal dresses.

How to clean you gold plated jewellery?

  • Wash your gold-plated rings in warm soapy water using regular dishwashing detergent. Make sure you rinse them off properly and then dry completely.
  • You can buff your rings to ensure they stay shiny and bright. Use a soft microfiber cloth and rub each ring gently but firmly.
  • Store your gold-plated ring in a bag on their own and then remove all the air. Storing them like this will prevent them from tarnishing and getting scratched.
  • Store your gold-plated rings somewhere that is dry and free from moisture. Avoid keeping them in your bathroom.
  • When you take off your gold-plated rings, remove any dust and dirt and then store them securely, on their own so that they will not be scratched.