Have you heard of the evil eye jewellery before? It originates in the Greek culture and is believed to be a curse given by a malevolent glare that results in back luck and loss. This is where the saying “giving you the evil eye jewellery” comes from.

While people can intentionally wish ill upon you, the power of the evil eye is that some people cast the curse without realizing it or even meaning it. Even when said ein jest, you could be unintentionally cursing someone with the evil eye. Wearing the evil eye on your body helps to ward off the curse and protects you as you go out into the world.

The evil eye dates back to ancient times, when people where or envious of other people they would cast the evil eye on them. People would wear amulets and jewellery shaped like the evil eye symbol to protect themselves from the curse. People used to attribute all sorts of disasters, like drought, disease ad accidents to the evil eye.

Protection from the evil eye

There are apparently 3 different types of evil eyes. The first type is the unconscious evil eye, and this eyes harm people without intending to. The second type of eye hurts intentionally and the finally type of eye is the hidden eye and this one is considered the most scared of all the eyes.

There are few ways you can protect yourself from the evil eye. You can pray, exclaim “ftou!” three times or you can wear the evil eye symbol on your body, as a pendant or earrings or any other way. It is believed that when you carry the evil eye on you, you are protected from bad luck and will receive good things in your life. Evil eye symbols are traditionally made in sapphire or cobalt blue, but they do come in a variety of colors, each with a different meaning.

The other colour evil eye colors all have their own unique set of meanings.

  • Orange is associated with happiness and can increase our creativity and playfulness.
  • Dark blue symbolizes karma, fate protection and relaxation.
  • Light blue offers general protection, solitude and peace.
  • Dark green garners happiness and brings balance to your life.
  • Red brings courage and protection from your fears and anxieties.
  • Brown will protect you from the elements and allows you to connect with nature.
  • Purple boosts your imagination and helps to re-balance your life.
  • Yellow and Gold protect your health and offer relief from exhaustion.
  • Grey will protect you against sorrow.
  • Light green helps promote good health and success with your dreams.
  • White is for purity and focus
  • Pink offers you calm, contentment and relaxation.

Evil Eye

Where do you hang the evil eye?

Most people wear the evil eye hanging from a sterling silver chain or as a charm on a bracelet. It is believed that when you hang the evil eye in this way you are constantly protected. Many people also hand an evil eye in their home and office for additional protection.

Many jewellery stores do sell various evil eye necklaces and bracelets but you can also have your own evil eye necklace made using beautiful, blue gemstones. Chokers are also a popular choice when it comes to evil eye jewellery, with sapphires taking pride of place in the design of the evil eye. Little evil eye charms can be worked into the design of elegant silver bracelets. For something elegant and special, surround a small sapphire with diamonds for a beautiful evil eye necklace or bracelet. Sterling silver hoop earrings are also a great piece of jewellery to add evil eyes from or alternatively a small pair of studs will also help to protect you and keep you safe from the curse of the evil eye. Layered necklaces with evil eyes on all the layers will double up on your protection and creates a beautiful elegant look. Evil eye pendants are also popular, and you can add them to any of your existing silver necklaces for protection wherever you go. There are no rules around what the evil eye must look like, so you have creative freedom to design anything that resembles an eye. You can also incorporate the different colors into different designs depending on what you want to attract more of into your life.

Over the years the evil eye has made its way into pop culture with celebrities and influencers wearing the symbol in a variety of ways. Brad Pitt, Rhianna and Kim Kardashian have all been seen wearing the evil eye. In fact, Kim Kardashian has been seen with bracelets and necklaces featuring the evil eye. The belief is that because celebrities are constantly in the public eye, they are more at risk of people casting the evil eye on them.