Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences when it comes to which type of metal they prefer to wear. Some people will naturally gravitate to the obvious appeal of gold while others appreciate the beauty of silver jewellery.

Silver may not be as expense or as sought after as gold, but it makes for some of the most elegant, sophisticated and affordable silver jewellery pieces. Sterling silver is also a versatile, durable metal that is much stronger than gold which means it can survive a rough lifestyle a lot better than a gold piece of jewellery would. Silver can be just as shiny and sparkly as other metals which is why it is fast becoming a popular choice with fashionistas. Many women can now be seen with sterling silver necklaces hanging around them necks or sterling silver earrings finishing off their look.

If you are not sure which one you prefer between gold and silver, these reasons why you should buy silver jewellery might help you decide.

5 Reasons to buy sterling silver jewellery:

  1. It is affordable. Sterling silver, when compared to gold and platinum, is a much more affordable metal. Gold-plated jewellery or gold-filled pieces may be more affordable options, but they won’t last as well as Sterling Silver.
  2. It is versatile. Sterling silver can be worn easily as an everyday item as you go about your business. A simple pair of studs can be worn to a board meeting or a weekend brunch with friends easily and effectively. The more elaborate, personalized pieces make for some of the most magnificent wedding rings or accessories.
  3. Sterling silver is always on trend. Sterling silver jewellery has always been popular, which means it will always be trendy. The designs will change but you will always find sterling silver earrings, silver hoops and silver necklaces on the runways and featured in the latest jewellery trends. It is possible to create incredibly elegant and beautiful timeless pieces with sterling silver. Many people find it easier to wear sterling silver as it is not as intimidating as its counterpart’s gold and platinum.
  4. It is durable. If you own a pair of sterling silver earrings or a silver friendship bracelet, be assured that these pieces will last a lifetime. If you look after your sterling silver piece, it will not age and will look as pristine as it did the day you got it. When you are looking for a new silver piece, make sure you look out for the 925 marking that is printed on all sterling silver pieces. This stamp means that the piece is made from 92.5% silver and meets the necessary requirements. Fake silver is not as durable and will not last long, so make sure you look out for that marking.
  5. Sterling Silver is hypoallergenic. For those who have sensitive skins, sterling silver is perfect. Because sterling silver is hypoallergenic you can wear it with confidence knowing that it will not result in an allergic reaction like hives or rashes.

Silver jewellery

These aren’t the only reasons you should invest in Sterling Silver. The quality is of silver is incredible. Sterling silver comes with the promise of high-quality product, added to the fact that it is affordable, there is really no reason why you wouldn’t buy it. A pair of sterling silver hoop earrings dangling elegantly can give off an almost majestic look, the quality is that good.

The options are endless when it comes to sterling silver pieces. It can be made into pretty much any piece you want. Artists and designers have more freedom when it comes to the design of silver pieces and they are often the ones experimenting with ideas and coming up with innovative designs to impress.

Maintaining your sterling silver jewellery is easy and simple. Wearing it regularly will help to prevent it from tarnishing because the natural oils in your skin clean the silver. If you have pieces you don’t wear daily, simply get some silver jewellery polish and give the piece a rub and it will be good as new.

It is for all these reasons that building a sterling silver jewellery collection is a great idea. You will be able to invest in affordable pieces that are of an excellent quality and will last long. The variety of sterling silver that is available means you will be able to build a diverse collection of unique and personalized pieces including bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings and more. The versatility of silver will also allow you to wear the pieces in your collection regularly, you will not have to wait for special occasions to wear them but you can add a sterling silver charm bracelet to your look and head out to the office, confident that you look stylish and trendy.