The silver ring is probably the most versatile piece in your jewellery box and is a perfect precious metal that will continue to look gorgeous with its durability and brightness despite the hard strokes your hands can receive during the day. The silver ring is suitable for every social environment, every dress and occasion.

It complements every color, are scratch-resistant and require less care than other precious metals. Wearing frequently prevents tarnishing.

And even, it is substantial enough to take with you in your daily life. As long as its scale is well adjusted, it fits both casual and formal settings. Whether you are taking your pet to the vet or walking on the red carpet, it is substantial enough to take with you in your daily life.

silver ring does not conflict with any color in nature, on the contrary, it includes other colors into its appearance.

Rich dark tones and bright jewel tones that provide contrast in the background provide the best display of it. Solids generally work better than prints.

It can be worn to add a subtle accent to lightly toned pastel outfits. In order not to overwhelm light-toned clothes, you should choose a small-sized ring.

What should always be kept in mind is that the higher the contrast in the outfit, the larger the ring should be.

You need to adjust your wardrobe selection according to which you want your silver ring to attract attention as a focal point or an accent.

Silver ring allows to mix and match jewels. The neutrality of silver enhances the beauty of a precious stone, bead, or other accessory worn with it. It is an ideal product for layering. Silver's finer coloring allows you to wear more pieces at the same time without being seen at the top.

Basic Brief for Silver Ring:

Wear frequently, mix and match, always keep contrast and consider scaling.

Silver ring