Silver was discovered at the end of the 4th millennium BC and has been valued since Antiquity. Archaeologists have discovered that people's efforts to beautify by wearing silver jewelry have been going on since ancient times. It is a permanent expression of love and friendship with the elegance, beauty and prosperity that it symbolizes. Silver is perfectly capable to mark our celebrations and special occasions, milestones of our own history.


Today, silver jewellery still maintains its popularity and value. The value of silver has grown over 340% in the past 20 years and has continuously gained value throughout 2019.

Psychologists say that, we react very often to the receipt of the gift. So, what really makes a gift wonderful? Choosing a gift may require us to go beyond an emotion that can benefit and excite them while giving something to our loved ones.

For many of us, the process of identifying the gift is challenge. It can be difficult for people we love to find what they need or at least what they want in a reasonable price range.

Besides being a stylish, modern and pleasant material, silver has advantages such as health, environment and financial. It is a precious metal that has that brilliance that needs attention. You can't really go wrong with a stylish and contemporary silver ringearringsnecklace and bracelet.

Many people do not know about the health benefits that can be obtained from silver when shopping for silver jewelry or accessories. Silver balances other

. This valuable material has both healing and anti-microbial properties and can protect the body against various skin allergies, such as eczema.

You can personalize names or commemorative messages by engraving them on silver jewellery. Adding something personal to gifts is always appreciated and can make it more valuable than it already is.