Everyone needs at least one silver ring in their jewellery collection. These rings work so well as simple everyday pieces that you can wear with any outfit. The best part about silver rings is that they are more affordable options that gold rings so you can build up a nice, versatile collection of silver rings.

Before you rush out and buy a sterling silver ring, there are a few things to consider. It is important to consider the shape of your hand and fingers before purchasing a ring. Everyone has different finger lengths and widths and each hand is a different shape, so you want to find a ring that fits your finger and style the best.

Silver rings

The best silver ring for your finger

Long fingers: If you have long fingers you are lucky, most styles will look good on your slender fingers. For something that will add a little elegance to your look, try to find a ring that has a princess cut or round stone setting. You will also be able to wear bolder, bigger rings on longer fingers, if that suits your style.

Slender fingers: Thicker bands that have small stones in them work best if you have slender fingers. They help to create the illusion of a slightly wider finger.

Wide fingers: When you have wide fingers, you might want to wear a silver ring that will make your finger look slimmer. If this is the case, then look for a wide marquise or oval shaped ring or even a rectangular shape will help to create a slimmer effect. Round stones that are set in a cluster style also really work well if you have wider fingers.

Smallhands: If you have small hands you do want to keep to smaller pieces. The bigger bolder pieces can make your hands look too busy and might actually be uncomfortable to wear. Heart shaped stones or oval shapes work well for people with small hands.

Big knuckles: When you have bigger knuckles, you want to find a ring that is going to draw the attention away from the knuckles to the ring. So, you want to find a ring with a bigger stone or a heavier band.

Choosing the right size

Finding the right size ring is also essential. You don’t want a silver ring that is too small and uncomfortable to wear. Conversely a ring that is too big will roll around and be uncomfortable. So you want to make sure you find the right size right.

Most jewelers will be able to measure the size of your finger for you and give you your ring size. If you want to buy a ring online and need your ring size, you can measure it at home.

Simply take a strip of paper or a piece of string and wrap it around the base of the finger you want to buy a ring for. Mark the spot where the two ends of the paper/string meet. Once you have done that, measure the length with a ruler and that is your ring size!

Remember that each finger is a different size, so do not measure one finger and assume it will work for all of your fingers. Measure each finger individually.

Different Band Styles

Bands do come in a range of different styles, offering you some options to add some character to the simple band.

A band is ring that is uniform in length and it is hard to tell where the top of it is. A band can be engraved.

A Twisted band is a band that looks like the metal has been twisted around to create a stunning effect.

An adjustable band is a band that doesn’t close completely so that you are able to adjust it to suit your finger.

Different Silver Ring Settings

The setting of your ring is also important, if you are looking for something a little more exciting than a plain band.

A few settings you can consider:

A Pave setting involves lots of little gemstones that are attached to ring by little ‘droplets’ of metal. Basically, the stones “pave” the sides ring to create a gorgeous setting.

A Tiffany setting is a classic setting that is also referred to as a prong settings. The stone is held up by metal prongs.

A Bezel setting is when the gemstone is wrapped by a collar. It is one of the most secure settings as it holds the stone in place.