Where is silver used, the benefits of silver and the answer to all the questions you wonder about the silver element in this article! Here are the unknown aspects of silver

In this article, we, as E&E Jewellery, wanted to show you around the unknown world of silver, which we use as raw material in the jewellery world. Although one of the most frequently asked questions about silver is “Why does it go dark”, silver actually offers much more to humanity than it is thought. Here are 5 unknown benefits of silver that you have not read anywhere...

Where is Silver Used?

The benefits of silver are not yet discovered. If we go back many years in history, we can say that the value given to silver has continued since the Caesar period. Did you know that the Romans treated small wounds and cuts with silver particles? It is also rumored that Greeks, who were among the civilizations that existed in the same periods, used silver to clean the glasses they drank from bacteria.In addition, during the Roman period, only soldiers carrying water in silver containers were allowed to go to war. Because the Romans knew that silver containers kept the water clean and pure.

Only They Survived the Plague!

Only gypsies were not affected by the black plague that swept Europe in the 14th century and 25 percent of the European population died! You ask why?It was known that gypsies split the silver into small particles for the purpose of treatment and gave it to the body through an open vein. The particles spread throughout the body thanks to the bloodstream and destroy bacteria and viruses.

Against Radiation!

Today, silver is used almost everywhere where infection control is critical. It is used in healthcare products, ranging from bandages to burn remedies, for its wide spectrum of antimicrobial properties. Silver reflects more than 95% of infrared rays. 95% of the radioactive energy that comes in contact with silver returns to the source. So silver is also very effective against radiation.

Disrupts the DNS of bacteria!

Silver; It is also good for many ailments such as psoriasis, sugar, yeast, itching and foot odor. It accelerates the healing of wounds by supporting the proliferation of new cells. In addition, the research on Colloidal Silver destroying the HIV virus in a few minutes was published in the "Nanotechnology 2012 International Journal" by Dr Xiaojian Yao.

The Only Food Containing Silver!

If we say let's take the guesses, walnuts will not even pass your mind! In line with this information, we say don't forget to eat walnuts. Because it will protect you from many microbes.We need to be more careful about our diet, especially during these difficult days. Jewellery made of silver mine also protect you against radiation and any microorganisms that may come from outside. Buy 925 sterling silver jewellery that you will make a wonderful friendship with. There is also online shopping at E&E Jewellery. What are you waiting for? Own a stylish silver jewellery that can be the friend of both your health and style.