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Sterling Silver Spider Stud Earrings

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Not everyone loves spiders but if you are a fan of these 8-legged animals, you are going to want to add a pair of these spider stud earrings to your collection of silver stud earrings. Spiders aren’t doom and gloom, they actually represent mystery, power, and growth which is why so many people invest in spider jewellery. Wearing these silver studs will adds a little character to your look. These spider stud earrings will sit snuggly on your ears and the little spiders will look like they are crawling up your ears. Whether you are looking for 925 stud earrings for your own collection or as a gift, e&e has the perfect pair for you.

The design of these spiders is flawless! These silver earrings have been made by hand from sterling silver to create a pair of perfect studs. 925 sterling silver has been used to shape these studs into life like spiders, complete with their characteristic 8 legs and large abdomen. Each leg comes out of the body delicately and when you have these earrings on your ears, it will look like the spider is attached to your ear elegantly.

e&e Jewellery has a varied collection of spider studs in the UK. The range of jewellery from e&e London is available through their stores in the UK or you can browse their sterling silver jewellery through their online store. You will find the perfect piece of sterling silver jewellery in the e&e collection and the best part is all their handmade jewellery is affordable.