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New Arrivals

The silver jewellery collection available at e&e jewellery is always being added to. We are constantly looking for new designs to add to our collection and new arrivals are being introduced to both our retail stores and our online store regularly. e&e Jewellery is committed to creating a range of affordable silver jewellery that will meet the needs of our clients. Adding new pieces to our collection means that you will always find new, trendy pieces of jewellery that allow you to keep up with the latest jewellery trends by adding these new pieces to your collection as soon as they arrive.  

While e&e jewellery offers cheap silver jewellery it does not offer a cheap quality of jewellery. Each piece of our jewellery is handcrafted from only the best quality materials that are ethically sourced. The collection has been put together to create a range of silver jewellery that meets a range of needs, including pieces that can be worn every day and pieces that can be worn as statement pieces. 

Silver earrings are such great pieces of jewellery to own, their versatility and affordability means that you will be able to build up a collection of earrings quickly. For the trendsetters who like to stay on top of the latest trends, we are constantly adding new pieces of jewellery to our collection so that are in line with the latest trends. 

The range of silver rings available at e&e Jewellery has been carefully designed to include simple silver, beautiful rings that can be used as engagement rings and big bold, brightly colored rings that can be worn alone to make a statement. Adjustable rings can also be found in this collection of silver rings and these are great rings that can be worn on any finger or they can be used as stacking rings, the options for these rings are endless. 

If you are building your collection of silver jewellery, browse our online store or visit one of our retail stores located in London. You will always find new cheap silver jewellery being added for you to add to your jewellery box. The new arrivals include pieces in all our collections namely, silver rings, silver earrings, bracelets and necklaces and our pearl jewellery collection. 

e&e have new arrivals being added to all collections including our silver earrings and silver rings constantly.