If you re fashion freak, it is impossible to believe that you won’t have at least a couple of pairs of sterling silver earrings or any related jewellery pieces in your closet. The sterling silver jewellery trend has taken the UK by a storm. Tons of options in terms of the necklaces, earrings other pieces of jewelry has been available. Owning a spectacular sterling silver earring or sterling silver stud is a dream for everyone. It is important to know that owning a sterling silver earring might be a lot of hassle since Sterling silver jewellery is composed of 92.5% of sterling silver while the rest 7-5% is composed of metal mainly copper which is prone to rusting. While buying a piece of sterling silver as jewellery, make sure that you are able to take care of it in the best manner. On a lighter note, the sterling silver earrings are spectacular trend to follow considering the jewelry is pretty affordable, looks ravishing and compliments each type of attire.

Types of sterling silver earrings trends in the UK

1. Silver Hoop earrings

If you like to keep it simple and chic, silver hoop earrings or in the form of the dangle hoop earrings and drop hoop earrings are the best way to do that. Sterling Silver sit h bets choice for these earrings considering their big size. With minimal styling, you can still look trendy as per the lasts jewellery trends in UK. These earrings will make you look trendy while not putting a lot of pressure on your pocket.

2. CZ earrings

The Curved bar under lobe swing earrings Or the CZ earring made of the sterling silver are the fashion and the jewellery trend that has made its way back with full force. With zirconia earrings available with the stone just being in the center of the earring, these earrings are a must have for everyone who likes to keep a healthy and trendy collection of sterling silver earrings for themselves.

3. Silver Stud earrings

Not everyone is a fan of simple yet classy earrings but those who like them are actually in love with the minimalism that they offer. With stud earrings in sterling silver stud earrings section, you will always find designs and pieces which will fit and match with your style with perfection. The earrings are light in weight and are affordable as well. They have always bene a hugely popular jewellery trend in the UK.

4. Silver Drop earrings

If you don’t own a gold plated long drop earrings yet, you are lagging behind the rest of the UK in terms of the jewellery trends in a major way. The drop earring are everything that the new fashion and jewelry trends in UK are all about. With great designs, extensive skill made in the designing and the introduction of sterling silver in the making, the jewellery pieces are the ones to own. The designs are complimented with stones and intricate details to make sure that they are unique and compliment your casual and formal attires equally.

5. Opal jewellery

If there is anything that you can do sterling silver without having any fear, that is the ability to experiment with various designs and stones. Opal when combines with opal studs and opal earrings produced the picture perfect pieces that the users could cherish. The opal stud earrings are a masterpiece to own. A colorful appearance that can complete almost anything is what the opal silver sterling jewellery is all about.

6. Druzy earrings

The lasts jewellery trends in the UK will be incomplete without the mentions of the sterling silver druzy earrings. The colorful palate which comes with the earrings is something to look forward to since the earrings are very classic in appearance and provide a sense of minimalism and being stylish at the same time.

The glimmer stones in the colorful and shiny appearance is all that a party dress needs to complete its look. You don’t have to wear too much do accessories when you have druzy earrings on since they do complete the look with their shiny and bright appearance.

7. Pearl earrings

Sterling silver complements the freshwater pearls like a match made in heaven. The stud earrings as well as drop earrings in sterling silver with pearls will save you on the rainy days. They are a must have accessory as per the 2020 UK jewellery trends.

Don’t let the fear of corrosion or tarnishing get in your way of buying the ravishing, shiny and magnificent looking sterling silver earrings. Make sure that you clean them regularly, follow the cleaning rituals and keep good care of them to get the most out of them. They will keep on making you look chic and trendy all the time.