There is more to finding the perfect sterling silver necklace than just picking a design, you also have to make sure you find a silver chain that is the right length for you. If you want to add a silver pendant to the chain, you will need to make sure that your chain is the right length.

There is no one size fits all answer to the right length for your chain, it all depends on your unique needs but there are common chain lengths that most necklaces will come in. When you are deciding on which length you want to buy, consider your features, your body type and the shape of your face, all of these will make a difference in the length of chain you need.

What are the most common chain lengths?

Silver necklaces come in a range of standard sizes. There are five different lengths available for women while men have 4 different lengths to choose from.

Standard lengths for women

  • 14” Necklace - these necklaces fit like a choker; they wrap around your neck.
  • 16” Necklace – this length of necklace fits around your neck like a collar, it can hang loosely on petite women and might fall at the collarbone. If you are a plus size women, it may fit like a choker.
  • 18” Necklace – this is the most common length of necklace length as it sits comfortably on the collarbone.
  • 20” Necklace – this is only slightly longer and falls below the collarbone.
  • 22” Necklace – this is the longest length and falls just above the bust.

Standard lengths for men

  • 18” Necklace – for men with a smaller neck size this length sits at the base of the neck.
  • 20” Necklace – this is the most common length and on the average man it reaches his collarbone
  • 22” Necklace – this length falls slightly below the collarbone
  • 24” Necklace – this is the longest length and reaches above the sternum

When you are deciding with necklace is the right length for you, as a woman, consider the following things

The size of your neck

If you are buying a choker, you are going to definitely want to measure your neck to see how the choker will fit. You don’t want a choker that is too tight that you can’t actually wear it comfortable so may end up opting for a slightly bigger size, like the 16” necklace. Chokers generally work best on women with longer necks, their necks tend to be thinner and chokers sit better on their necks.

Your height

It is important to consider your body height when choosing a silver necklace that will flatter you. Women who are shorter than 5’4” will look bet in the shorter silver necklaces, like either the 16 to 20-inch necklaces lengths. Longer necklaces can overwhelm women who have smaller frames. Women who are 5’7” inches or above will look beautiful with the longer changes as they accentuate the taller frames.

Your body type

If you have a smaller bust, opt for longer thinner chains while fuller figured women want to avoid necklaces that sit below their breast line. The longer necklaces will work better on their body shape, like the 18- or 22-inch necklace.

The shape of your face

The type of necklace you wear can actually change the way people perceive you and help to bring out your best facial features. If you have a round face, avoid chokers and short necklaces, they will only make your face appear rounder. If you have an oval shaped face you are lucky and will be able to wear just about any length with confidence and ease. The shorter silver necklaces work well with women with longer faces as they soften the shape. Chokers look best on heart shaped faces.

Remember to consider all of these before jumping in to buy the first necklace you see. Try it on first and see if it works with your body type and shape.

How to choose the right length of chain for your silver pendent?

You can place a pendant on any size necklace, it depends on the look you want to achieve. Of you want to add a pendent onto your silver necklace try it on with the pendent already on so you can see how it looks. Generally, the longer chains work better with pendants attached but you can attach them to any length chain you want, provided the chain works well for you.

Investing in a sterling silver jewellery is exciting, you want to make sure that you make the right choice. Trying the chain on before is always a good idea so that you can decide which size will work best for you.