Bracelets have a special importance for everyone throughout human history. Although it comes to mind as an accessory that it uses intensely for women in terms of gender; It has been an important accessory for men since the first humans.

If we talk about bracelets from past to present… The oldest bracelet in human history was found in the Denisova Cave in the Altai Region of Siberia. This bracelet, discovered in 2008, turned out to be 40,000 years old.

What are the meanings of the bracelets that were worn 40,000 years ago? A status indicator? Encouragement object? A sign of strength?

So what do you think these bracelets mean?

Thinking about them is as pleasant and intriguing as it is.

We wonder who produced the first bracelet? Did they know that the bracelet will retain its value even after 40,000 years from his day?


Each type of bracelets that has thousands of forms has different meanings.

It may have been worn as an indicator of superiority thousands of years ago when we wore it suitable for our clothing. Even if that is not the case, consider the difficulty of the raw material to be collected to make bracelets…

It is not inevitable that bracelets that bring thousands of questions to mind are indispensable.

Silver bracelets, pearl bracelets, gold plated bracelets...

There are so many varieties. All of them change according to everyone's style.

It touches somebody's life somewhere.

Somewhere these bracelets are forgotten, and many years later they continue to touch the lives of others.

How should your bracelet be?

How is your preference in the bracelets?

How would you like to find answers to all your questions?