Owning a piece of pearl jewellery is one of the dream of many women. But since there are many was to create fraudulent pearls, you can be easily scammed by someone offering you the fake ones at the price of the real ones. So it is important to know the fake ones form the real ones by having the knowledge of the grading of the pearls. You might be wondering why we need grading and if it actually exists. Yes, there is a proper grading system for the pearls to make sure that buyers pay the right money for the real ones and don’t get scammed for the fake ones or the lower quality ones. Scroll through the article to know why pearl grading is beneficial for your pearl jewellery and how it can be done.

Pearl Jewellery

How pearl grading is done?

There are a few features which are considered while grading a pearl which as follows:

  • The more lust, shine and reflective properties a pearl has, the more value it will have as a gemstone. So if you have bought a pearl with no shining, you might ended up with a simple glass bead. A luster a pearl is, the more value it will have.
  • Shape of the pearl is also one of the main reasons that a round pearl is graded higher and rarer as compared to a baroque one.
  • The color of the pearl which is considered the rarest in quality is the perfect white but since pearls come in almost all colors of the rainbow. All colors are graded in the basis of the saturation and the strength that each pearl gives such as the Golden Sea Pearls or the Black Tahitian pearls.
  • No blemishing is the key to the perfect grading of a pearl. If there is pin spot or a chalky glitch or even a small scoring mark, the pearl will be scored lower on the grading level. So always look for pearls which have no blemish.
  • Size of the pearl matters since it gives an estimate about the quality. The larger the pearl is, the higher in quality it will be. Most pearls are 10mm in size so if you have scored a larger one, it will be more valuable.

AAA Grading

Although this system is quite complex to understand but most consumers buy pearls which are graded AAA or A-AAA without knowing the meaning behind the terms. There is a lot of significance in knowing what these terms mean. Here is a visual represrnation of what this system means and why it works for the benefits of the consumers who love to buy pearls jewellery.

  • As per the above description, the AAA grade is the one which is the most valuable and has the lowest yield. It comes with an almost blemish free surface. The pearls are luster, have great size and strong color presence as well. Perfectly round Akoya and Round Freshwater pearls are the classic examples of these pearls. They will be the one which will cost you the most money since they are quite rare and expensive.
  • The AA+ Grade is the one where there are 10% chances of having a slight mark or blemish on the surface which will be visible. The corners or the edges of the pearl will be a bit blurry as well. These pearls are quite common in the case of the Akoya round ones or the off-round Freshwater ones. They are more common than the AAA ones and are expensive as well as compared to the AA grade. In AA grade, the shine and luster is les sand the edge are blurry as well. You might not have to pay as much money for them as for the above mentioned ones since they are quite common. They give a satin appearance but have the same round Akoya type and Off-round freshwater type.
  • The A grade is the one which is the most common of all the types of pearls on the grading scale. With 30% chances of a blemish, a blurry and chalky appearance and dull edges, this type is the one which you will let at almost all jewelry stores all over the world. If you’re looking for cheap sterling silver earrings coupled with pearls, you will find these pearls in them. They have a perfect to near round shape in case of the Akoya Type and the potato shaped ones in the case of the freshwater ones.

Having a full overview of the grading system, and how to choose the ones that will suit you and your affordability has been made easy by the scaling system mentioned above. If you find pearls and want to grade them, the above mentioned features will be a great aid to you to do justice to the grading.

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