The meaning of gold plated jewellery is different for all of us. Gold plated earringsnecklacesbraceletsrings… In short, all jewellery types become timeless with gold plated.

Gold jewellery that suits every combination is our savior both day and night. Speaking of the savior, we are not kidding, of course. When going to a business lunch, it also harmonizes with a black suit. It also fits with a denim t-shirt over the weekend.

So what are our favorite combinations? Let's take a look together. Maybe it will inspire you.These days we spend at home, organizing a closet for one of the activities we do inside the home!This closet is usually a wardrobe of course. Aging jackets, trousers that are no longer on us or outdated bags and jewellery are beginning to separate one by one.Some are waiting to be thrown away, some to be sold, separated in the corners of the cupboard.So what should we throw in this period? What should we keep?

First of all, we should make timeless jewellery, the crown of our jewelry boxes. E&E Jewellery will be just for you for this timeless and never-get-bored jewellery.

Speaking of timeless jewellery; of course, 925 sterling silver jewellery and gold plated jewellery are at the top of the list.

We all know that 925 sterling silver jewellery is timeless. Because we all have at least 1 silver jewelry in the jewellery box.Silver jewellery does not tarnish, age, go out of fashion, and most importantly, will never harm your skin.There is also a gold plated jewellery version of them.These are among our indispensable. Where were we?Here are 4 fashionable combinations that prove that gold plated jewellery is indispensable:

1. Business Style:

You wake up in the morning and the clock is too early. You have to go to work, but you're so sluggish that you don't know what to wear and how to care.Make your ponytail from the top immediately. (Note that this is also an outdated hairstyle). This hair will make you look clean.Wear a pair of trousers and jackets when you believe you look good and feel good in it. The white shirt will also save the job. Well, now we need a few jewels to look well-groomed. Whether our jewellery is black, gray, brown or any color we can’t think of. A gold plated ring earring that appears next to your ponytail hair will provide you with both style and color harmony. When you take off your jacket at work, a gold plated bracelet that will add kindness to your wrist will also add joy to your day.

2. Night Style:

You are out of work and you will go for a drink with your friends. But do you look a little plain to your eyes? At this stage, it will be enough to wear a few gold plated necklaces. A unique piece of jewellery that will company you as you dance during the night and shine brightly around the eyes.

3. Weekend Style:

Here is the weekend and the weather looks great. As if you have no reason not to have a nice breakfast outside with your family. So wear your most comfortable jeans and sneakers. After all, you got tired all week and deserve this style. But when looking for comfort, you don't have to sacrifice your beauty. Wear a t-shirt on your jeans and take your favorite sweater in the color you want. Let us tell you the jewellery that will complement this combination in the best possible way. Gold plated rings. All your kindness will appear during breakfast with gold plated rings.

4. Special invitation:

Your best friend is getting married! And you may not have had much time to shop from work. Let's say you designed the dress you will wear in your mind. Purple, pink, black… Regardless of the color, if you have gold plated jewellery in your jewellery box, your life is saved.
In such special occasions, if you think your dress is plain, you can exaggerate your gold plated jewellery. You will complete your beauty with a gold plated necklace, mini earrings (because your hair will be very beautiful with a bun), gold-plated bracelets and rings.

Now look at your jewellery box. If you have already thrown your gold plated jewellery, you do not like it anymore, or if you have never bought it before, now is the right time. Gold plated jewellery are timeless pieces that every woman should have in her closet. There are gold-plated jewellery in E&E Jewellery that will adapt to any environment you want without getting bored. Let's start shopping!