Ah gemstones! Those adorable crystals in red, pink blue and whatnot color which inspire a sense of fascination and awe in all of us. Gemstone jewellery is no doubt one of the most sought after jewellery online and you will no doubt have considered getting yourself or an acquaintance something based on it. However there are a few things to keep in mind before you buy gemstone jewellery. This includes what gemstone jewellery entails and what your options are. Gemstones, as stated before come in many colors and flavors and you should learn as much as you can before you make your purchase. These include natural gemstones, synthetic gemstones, imitation gems and composite stones.

Gemstone Jewellery

Natural Gemstones

These are usually what people are looking for. Natural gemstones are nature's gift to man and are mined from the Earth. While most people will think that just because a gemstone is natural it will be more expensive, this is usually not the case. Gemstones are priced according to desirability, quality and availability. Certain natural gemstones are a lot cheaper than others precisely because they are more abundantly available. A gemstone's quality is usually determined by how many inclusions it has, its color and brilliance.

Natural gemstones are also often treated to enhance their natural beauty. For instance heat and radiation can affect the color of a gemstone. Jewelers also use oils and wax to fill inclusions within a gemstone (used a lot in emeralds and rubies). Diffusion can also help deepen the color of a gemstone. Treated gemstones are a good choice to go by if you are on a budget. Recently there has been a debate regarding the nomenclature used in such conditions. Many jewellery and gemstone experts have cited that calling a gemstone as treated and untreated is wrong and misleading as almost all gemstones are treated to a degree.

Synthetic gemstones

These resemble a natural gemstone in chemical properties, physical looks and color, the only difference is that these are produced artificially in a lab. While they have been around for a long time modern technical breakthroughs are making it easier to grow gems such as diamonds and harder for instruments and experienced experts to detect them. Not to mention these are also significantly cheaper. For instance Moissanite is a diamond substitute which is even fooling gem professionals.

Imitation gemstones

These are usually glass or plastic and are made to resemble a natural gem only in appearance. These can also be very easily detected. In the price hierarchy these are usually the cheapest.

Composite Stones

Composite stones are made as doublets where the larger chunk is utilized from glass which is then coated with a thin film of the real gemstone jewellery which it is trying to imitate. In order to blend the stone and the glass, a color bonding agent is used. These stones cannot be told from a real gemstone with the naked eye, however an expert with a jeweler's loupe can tell the difference.

So there you have it; gemstones have a ton of options to choose from ranging from the pure and natural to the artificial. The idea here is to appeal to as many budgets as possible. Keep these things in mind when you buy jewellery online.

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