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X Shaped Sterling Silver Earrings

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The X Shaped Sterling Silver Earrings flaunt a sterling silver frame in the shape of an X, that is adorned entirely of glistening stones. Their sterling silver frame plays host to stones in a variety of colours, as you can find these earrings in Night Blue, Turquoise, Pink, Green and e&e's white cubic zirconia variations for a sensational lobe detail. 

The perfect piece to style with a stacked earring look, the sterling silver earrings are a phenomenal accompaniment to the Cubic Zirconia Line Earcuff in Sterling Silver, or the more discreet five pearl earcuff. 

Cubic zirconia crystals come together to form these perfectly imperfect X earrings. A choice that makes a subtle but powerful statement, you will also fall in love with these beautiful stud earrings due to their hypoallergenic nature.