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Turquoise Evil Eye Bangle

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The evil eye is an ancient talisman that is used in almost all religions and cultures to protect people from evil glances, bad luck and malice. Evil eyes feature predominantly in jewellery with pieces like this evil eye bangle. It is believed that if the evil eye is worn or visible, it will look out into the world protecting you bad luck and attracting only abundance and good fortune.  This gold-plated bangle has been expertly hand-crafted using only 18ct gold and the evil eye design uses little turquoise stones to create the circular eye design. The texture of the turquoise evil eye bracelet brings a unique look and feel to the bangle. This handmade bangle can be worn on its own, but you can create the most spectacular look if you add a few different bracelets and bangles for a more stacked, layered look. e&e has a stunning collection of evil eye bangles