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Turquoise Evil Eye Anklet

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This is an absolutely stunning piece of handmade jewellery. If you believe in the power of the evil eye, then you will want to add this evil eye anklet to your anklet collection. The skilled designers at e&e Jewellery have spent time handcrafting this dainty gold-plated anklet using a range of only the beset quality material. Small gold and turquoise beads have both been used at regular intervals to create a pretty anklet that when added to your outfit will bring sophistication. The focal point of this handmade anklet is without a doubt the evil eye charm. It has been made using tiny little beads, all in different shades of blue to create a beautiful evil eye design. For those looking for a cheap anklet in UK, e&e jewellery have a large collection of evil eye jewellery for you to browse through. All of their jewellery has been handmade by the most skilled of jewellers.