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Triple Green Quartz Flower with Freshwater Pearl Brooch

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Imitating the captivating beauty of a flower, this triple flower with freshwater pearl brooch is a true piece of art with immense amounts of care and attention paid to the design and detail of the brooch.This brooch is one of e&es exceptionally crafted gold plated pearl brooch. It is one of the popular brooches offered by e&e and is also one of the best designed.This is a phenomenally well designed roman brooch that will liven up all outfits and can be effortlessly added allowing for a clean and subtle look.One of the few pearl brooches that are plated in gold this well crafted piece of  gold plated jewellery will be a valuable addition to your collection of handmade jewellery. This well created brooch is 18 ct gold plated ensuring that it lasts a long time.This is a very fashionable and elegant brooch for women and is one of the best gifts for her. A popular brooch in the UK this piece of gold plated jewellery made in the UK is masterfully created and is almost the same quality as their gemstone brooch if not better.