Sterling Silver White Opal Hand Necklace

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Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Gemstone : White Synthetic Opal
Weight: Light
Hypoallergenic / Nickel-free
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Looks can often be deceiving and while this may seem like an ordinary opal hand necklace it is far from it; it is neither your ordinary silver necklace or an ordinary opal necklace. It is a stunning and magnificent opal hamsa hand necklace. What makes it unlike normal hand necklaces is that a hamsa hand necklace is believed to be a symbol of protection and brings its owners good luck and happiness. While its design alone can bring happiness this beautiful piece of hamsa hand jewellery is bound to not only be an amazing addition to all outfits but has other major benefits as well. 

The opal necklace is truly a work of art and is a must add addition to your jewellery collection as it will enhance and complete your outfit. Artfully crafted this handmade silver necklace can also be referred to as the Fatima hand necklace and is a beautifully designed and handmade necklace. This beautifully designed opal necklace is one of the few hidden gems that is part of e&es Jewellery London ,in the UK ,silver jewellery collection.E&e boasts a wide range of handmade jewellery that will  liven up any outfit.