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Sterling Silver Turkish Eye Dangly Earrings

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Do you wear evil eye jewellery? Evil eye jewellery has been around for centuries and was used by the Ancient Romans and Greeks to protect them from evil. It is believed that when it is worn or displayed, the evil eye will protect you from the evil glances that may be directed towards you. Add these Turkish eye earrings to your look and the eyes will look out into the world, facing those who wish you ill will straight in the eye. The belief is that the evil eye reflects the malice and negativity back to the person who is glaring at you, keeping you safe from those negative thoughts. Turkish eye charm earrings are ideal evil eye earrings to wear because they frame your face, offering you double protection as they stare out into the world.
Silver earrings are beautiful fashion accessories and e&e London have a collection of varied sterling silver earrings, perfect if you are looking to grow your own collection of if you need a pair of earrings for a friend. e&e Jewellery also have a selection of silver eye earrings, like this pair of earrings. Hand crafted by skilled designers, these dangly Turkish eye earrings are delicate and absolutely stunning. The little hangs intricately from a sturdy hoop, offering you a pair of silver Turkish eye earrings that will protect you from harm and negativity.
For a diverse collection of silver Turkish earrings, check out e&e, they offer good quality sterling silver evil eye earrings.