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Sterling Silver Tree of Life Earrings

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The tree of life is commonly used in the design of all types of jewellerybecause of the deep meaning that is attached to the tree. It may, at first glance, just be a tree but the tree of life symbolises wisdom, knowledge and the promise of new life. The roots of the trees also symbolise strength while the branches reach out to represent your personal growth and knowledge. This pair of tree of life earrings comes with a unique, symbolic design. The twisted design of the trunk further adds to the meaning of these silver earrings while the branches stretch upwards and outwards, representing abundance, growth, strength and hope. e&e Jewellery have an extensive collection of tree of life earrings in the UK for you to choose from. This selection of 925 sterling silver earrings includes cheap silver tree of life earrings, but they do not compromise on the quality of the sterling silver earrings.