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Sterling Silver Thorn Ring

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Intricately designed, this silver ring is must for any ring enthusiast.This beautiful and intricately detailed thorn ring will be a subtle addition to your outfit and will draw the attention of anyone who sees it.This silver is unlike other silver rings with it's beautiful and unique design it has the ability to complete any outfit and enhance your overall image. Skillfully designed this elegant ring will look good on any finger and will be a conversation starter wherever you go. Intricate,stylish and mesmerizing this thorn ring must be at the top of your list for silver rings.                                                                                        

This sterling silver ring offers a subtle look with its soft silver color however makes up for it with its intricate and ornate pattern.Unlike other sterling silver rings the soft silver color of the Thorn ring allows it to be paired with outfits that are either bright and colorful or simplistic and monotone.This beautiful silver ring puts all other sterling rings to shame with its subtlety and detailed design and is one of the best sterling silver rings out there.This is the perfect piece of silver  jewellery that can be found at e&e Jewellery London in the UK.