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Sterling Silver Snake Stud Earrings

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The snake holds meaning in many cultures, not all of it positive but in many cultures the snake symbolizes both wisdom and guardianship. If the snake symbolizes something important to you, invest I these sterling silver snake stud earrings. The elegant design of the snake will create the illusion that it is crawling up your ear. Each little snake of these snake studs is made from 925 sterling silver and every effort has been made by the e&e designers to create an intricate snake design. The body of this snake curls and winds its way into a s-shape design, characteristic of a slithering snake. e&e Jewellery offers you a range of  affordable silver jewellery including some of the best silver earrings in the UK. The e&e collection is versatile to include unique earrings, like these snake earrings, as well as plain,  more versatile silver studs. All of the earrings are made from sterling silver.