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Sterling Silver Snake Hoops

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The unique design of these snake earrings is where the appeal lies. If you are a fan of snakes in jewellery, you want to add these silver snake earrings to your collection. The design of these snake huggies is both distinctive and subtle, allowing you to wear them every day. You will find these snake hoop earrings in the collection of silver earrings available at e&e Jewellery. Huggies are perfect when you want to wear a pair of hoop earrings but don’t want a big, dangly pair hanging on either side of your face. These snake huggies sit snuggle on either ear, framing you face in sheer perfection.
Made by hand by skilled designers, these sterling silver snake earrings are flawless. Markings have been used to create the scales on the body of this snake. Sterling silver has been used to create this pair of curved silver earrings that curl around your ears. Designers have masterfully designed the head of the snake, including adding little black stones for the eyes. The head curls around to sit against the piercing of your ears while the tail curls around and under your ear. For a pair of 925 snake earrings, visit e&e London, they have the best collection of silver snake earrings in the UK.
This pair of handmade earrings is elegant and graceful, showcasing the best part of the snake and bringing with it all the symbolism and meaning associated with this reptile. e&e offers you an affordable collection of sterling silver earrings.